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Rankings the NFL QB’s from Worst to First

NFL.com writers rankings the NFL QB's from worst to first.

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Adam Ahmed

Just a painful reminder we took trubisky over mahomes and Watson 😭😭

    Joey_ Breezy

    You would’ve ruined them they arent meant for the system in Chicago


    @Adam Ahmed Agreed to be honest. Deshaun probably would be a pretty good fit for the Bears.


    @Keenan Nash Definitely. Trubisky probably would have been better if he had a better coach. Watson would have been even better as well. There was definitely potential in Trubisky. If you think about it, a whole lot of Mahomes’ passing yards come from YAC, which comes from fast receivers, and amazing play calling. Not saying Mahomes isn’t good, because he obviously has amazing arm talent, just saying Reid is ridiculously good at making any QB look 10× better.

    Jason Veres

    Adam Ahmed we had a shitty o line and injured wide receivers and tight end he will do good next year watch

    daniel wright


Ian McClure

My Steelers QB situation was so bad that they just skipped them lol. 😂

    JJ Junior

    Ian McClure 😆 Steelers must have one load of life support for QB’s then.


    I haven’t even watched the video and I semi expected duck and mason to be last 😂

    carter nel

    I’m a diehard Steelers fan

    Christine Nazarian


    Nate Creates

    ya that gofer dude sucks

LethalDog 53

The greatest defensive player in the NFL at 22?????????? Explain NFL 🤷‍♂️

    Jaret Kidd

    Khii SG led the league in passing yards

    Nasir Nunez

    And he had like 6 pick sixes and a few fumbles definitely DPOY


    Haha funny


    In 2025 he’ll have 45 touchdowns!!!…..

    67 int

    Clayton Powell

    It’s a joke

12th man

I think we can all agree this is going to be a long off-season

    Aqua Craze

    Battlehawks. It’s the most local team


    I’m a chiefs fan, I’m pretty content.

    Pussyslayer Noscope420

    Thomas Cusack because I’m an eagles fan If I have to root for someone it will be guardians


    @Thomas Cusack Either Texas team since that’s where I’m from. Roughnecks were looking really solid, Walker looks like a hell of a QB

    Aqua Craze

    Pussyslayer Noscope420 Ayy Eagles nation

[blank text]

3:38 anyone else hear the windows start up sound 😂



    Mikey Bellettiere

    I did not notice this before 😂

    Tallis Keeler

    Update noise 😂

The Trashmann

3:38 someone’s got a windows update waiting



    Jordan Onyango

    The Trashmann I THOUGHT ONLY I NOTICED IT 😂😂

    Talk about It

    Nah that’s just the sound of the redskins cb shutting down

    Navon Myhand

    Keeps coming up in NFL videos I’ve noticed

    Iron Force Gaming 1

    I thought that was some random sound from
    my head lol

SwagOut Entertainment

#4 has 27 TD 4 INT while missing 5 Games. What Quarterback controversy?!

    zane brown

    One CRAZY Who Dat! I’m sorry because drew did so great against the Vikings oh wait

    One CRAZY Who Dat!

    @zane brown Teddy is so much better he won the starting job over Drew Brees coming off thumb surgery….. Oh wait.

    zane brown

    One CRAZY Who Dat! One was undefeated one was not

    One CRAZY Who Dat!

    @zane brown One is a HOF QB one is a bench warmer.

    zane brown

    One CRAZY Who Dat! You mad mad mad because breeze is bad bad bad 😂

Connor S

The Eagles defense was involved in 3 of these quarterback highlight clips… yikes


    Yea our secondary was absolute cheeks


    I can’t even name an Eagles DB to save my life. And I’m an Eagles fan!


    Last year sucked. we hopefully will have a new secondary this year.

    Iron Force Gaming 1

    Ruggs III for Philadelphia…

    Jake Goldberg

    Jorge Cintron facts

ChampionEgy YT


    Navon Myhand


    King Krispy


    Chris Clieff

    King Krispy HE IS HOUDINI!!

    Leo Pos


Hunter Tompkins

Titans Fan:
**doesn’t see ryan tannehill**
**finds out he’s almsot the top of the list**
**happiness noise**

    Raider Boi

    Blackthorn 461 I have nothing against Tannehill but Watson is the better and the only reason titans went farther in the playoffs is because of Derrick Henry . Tannehill has under 100 passing yards in both postseason games.

    Thomas Cusack

    @Blackthorn 461 Beyond the Titans having the better run game they also have the better O-line. Deshaun Watson is very similar to Russell Wilson in that they are incredibly talented and put up great numbers despite having a terrible O-line. Since Wilson is better than Tannehill I’d also put Watson above Tannehill.

    Raider Boi

    Tannehill is good, just not Deshaun Watson good

    Jorge Cintron

    Tannehil is average. Running backs coming off a season like this one miss time the following season. I can’t see him developing any further like R Wilson did when he lost Lynch. He’s to average.

    Stephen Louidor

    Crazy, there is no way


3rd for Number 3 himself. Russ balled this season 🔥 .

    Zachary Icenhower

    He should be #1. I’m a 49ers fan and I think he carried his team while Jackson and Mahomes had weapons all around them that carried them. Wilson is superior and overall just better QB. He is the best in the NFL. Just think if they had weapons and an O-Line.

    Navon Myhand

    @Zachary Icenhower DK Metcalf and Lockett aren’t weapons? Didn’t Metcalf break the rookie receiver postseason yards in a game and Lockett caught the most improbable pass completion of the year

    Ammon Herrera

    @Zachary Icenhower he has weapons, but they were injured most of the season. Seahawks desperately need an o line though. Wilson with a top five o line would be a Lombardi FACTORY

    usman riaz

    @Zachary Icenhower it’s a team sport for a reason u make the ppl around u better

Ben Moon

Why wasn’t Jamies Winston at number 30?


    @Po 30td 30int


    Jhonny13t1111 your point? That’s not good at all

    Stephen Louidor

    Because he had more 30 touchdown

    Joe Mama

    Po u dumb


    Joe Mama *you(oh the irony, it’s pathetic.)

Herogator Snake

As a steeler fan it’s depressing not to even have our Qbs on the list😭😭😭

    Dare Jordan

    Tbh Pittsburgh isn’t known for drafting quality QBs ever since big Ben

    Troy Brownrigg

    Mason Rudolph should have been suspended for six games.

    King OfSunnyvale

    @Troy Brownrigg for not hitting someone with a helmet ? Your dumb

    preston davis

    Herogator Snake l feel your pain Ben going to be top ten next year

    Josey Wales

    Well QB”s” is the reason

    you guys didn’t have one 👌😂

Chris Bovell

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Kevin Harlan for being so damn good at play by play?

    Jake Goldberg

    Basketball or football it don’t matter

Ricj 27

3:38 such professional audio editing

Christian Lopez

You really telling me Uncle Rico was placed lower than Mayfield?

    Joe Mama

    Christian Lopez ik they trippin

Jay.buttham 06

Minshew should’ve been at least top 15 and Dak top ten

Trey Bens

Looking at each of these QB’s year it amazes me that Mahomes had 50 TDS last year

Mvp Dustin

In my opinion Mahomes is the best🤷🏼‍♂️.

    Josey Wales

    Lamar threw more TDs than anyone this season and erased Vick from the record books.

    Not knocking Mahomes he is amazing but give the credit where it’s due.

    Be Ty

    Ravens bandwagon Lamar is one of very few scrambling quarterbacks so his achievement isn’t that impressive, mahomes is better


    Jackson is a great quarterback, but Mahomes reads a defense and adjusts like no one else AND he has the best arm in the league. No contest. Mahomes is significantly better.

    Jackson is going to get injured running and he’ll become a middle of the pack quarterback. Mahomes is going to be in the league for a decade and a half.


    Leo Pos

    @Be Ty im sorry what ? because hes scrambling the fact that he had an insane season isnt impressive you must be out of your mind

    Josey Wales

    @Be Ty one of very few running QBs?
    so that makes it not impressive?

    That makes alot of sense, you sure we are watching the same sport?

♛ Huffdaddy™

That’s exactly where I would put Jimmy G. Literally the most average QB this season. He will somehow lose the game after putting up points or somehow win the game after trailing half way through.

    Zachary Icenhower

    As a 49ers fan I agree with this statement. But, I also think when we run 64% of the time it does not give him a chance to really work on being a solid reliable QB. Maybe the 49ers will change this up next season IDK. I think the Superbowl was lost when we decided to throw instead of run.

    Anthony soto

    Really his number dont suggest middle of the pack i think hes atleast 10th best qb in the league…

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