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Davante Adams Discusses Advancing In The 2019 Playoffs

Packers WR Davante Adams talks about the offense's performance on third downs. The Packers defeated the Seahawks 28-23 and will advance to the NFC Championship Game.

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go pack go


Need to know the story behind that jacket he’s wearing


    Billy Turner’s clothing line

    Darth Maul

    He killed a ghost for it

    brayden finch

    mp517q i believe you are right sir/ma’am

    Turbo 2

    He lost a bet.

SL Grimp

Top 5 receiver in the Nfl no cap 🔥

    Darth Maul

    Besides DonkryKong Metcalf!

    Da Burr

    Darth Maul not this week bud

    Gavin Devine

    Darth Maul ummmm tell me how DK is better… davante misssed 4 games and played two still injured and was only 3 yards away from the 1000 yard mark yet DK didn’t reach 1000… so if you could explain that it would be great

    Reid Brosnan

    He’s top three

Elder Maxson

It’s actually pretty crazy that tae has grown into this dude. When jordy went down that acl year I hated this kid. Now he seems unimpressed with a 160yd 2td game. Love tae

    brayden finch

    Elder Maxson i feeeel that. i never counted him out though. i always remembered what aaron said about him when he joined the team, he said Tae would be a #1 receiver one day and he was absolutely right. Love this team go pack

    David Nikolay

    Right he was dropping everything now look at him #1 option putting the team on his back making plays amazing

J the Great Full

I was flying out of Chicago today and this dude tried hating on my Packers wallet. Ey, these past two years been rough! Thank lord we made the right changes 😉

    Blk Pig

    I’m Canadian and a Packers Fan. I’m from T.O. but live in Windsor across the bridge from Detroit. I took a Road-trip to Philly and drove around the lake on the States side getting there and took the Canadian way back home. I passed through Mich, Ohio, Penn and NY state wearing my Reggie White Jersey (on purpose ;} ) wrapped around my G.B. zip-up sweater and my Black 2010 Hat Boxers were G.B. and a Tee (Winter time) Troopers were hating, Gas Station Owners and the dude who made my Philly used some Nacho spread… I even got a Ticket on the way home for $275.00 US (Trooper was a Jets fan) Still I loved every minute, fly those colors J, fly those colors…

    Doug Richardson

    @Blk Pig … Excellent I grew up in Madison WI but have lived all over I don’t consider it my vehicle til it sports proper Packer and Badger stickers on back window license plate surround etc. Madison Chicago Seattle Denver and now Tucson all have seen my colors or currently do. I toured all over USA on motorcycles when I was young. Midwest and Western USA mainly. U did the Circle Tour is what it is called in USA in Chicago that is Sheridan Ave. I lived for a time in Uptown neighborhood where the Greenmill Bar is located (I highly recommend the Greenmill to anyone super cool legit Capone bar w original art deco decor).

    I put yesterday’s packer garb in the wash this morning. 😉

    Go Pack Go! 🧀🧀🧀🦡🦡🦡

    Blk Pig

    Hahaha, my man…

    Alien Gamer77

    @Family Man We haven’t gone all the way yet though. 49ers will be tough

kevin andersen

the route running master

    brayden finch

    kevin andersen he’s surgical out there 😤

    Joe Larson

    best of the entire league for route running for sure

brayden finch

We love you Tae 💛💚

All Plays

Comeback player of the year!

    Mike Frey

    Comeback? I think he lead the league in receiving touchdowns, 1000+ and was1 catch away from the packers until catch record

    lucky 13

    huh? comeback? how so?

    Kyle Hillman

    I love Tae but Tannehill deserves it by far

    Jordan Smith

    ​@lucky 13 he was out several games on IR for turf toe. Think “comeback” is not referring to him coming back from down year but more coming back from injury

Andy Guevara

Yooooo where did my guy get that beanie I need to know no cap

benjamin will

Whenever we needed him to step up in games, Davante Adams steps up every single game the man is cold blooded so is Rodgers so proud of them getting the W once again for the 14th time this season!

    Ana R.

    Davante looks 100%


Way to go devante!!! Been watching you since the Fresno St days!!!!

    Asher Guenther

    dudedude949 *Davante

Lil L

Davante is the perfect leader for these young receivers.Honestly love how unexcited he seems.He knows we still have a lot of work to do.Go Pack Go!

    yola baby

    Humility is key

Deborah Unger

No question whatsoever: third-down production is everything!!!!! Well done, Davante! Along with clutch catch by Jimmy G.

Tony Chavez

As great as Devante Adams is. We need to draft more wide receivers in the draft or free agency

    Leon Nakamura

    Allen Lazard should be a number three but we need a true number 2 that we can rely on.

Randy Packman Shannon

I am a life long Packers fan with a Facebook group and YouTube channel all about the Packers!!! Go Pack Go!

    Blk Pig


Wayne Gouin

Hi. Yeah we, ( THE GREEN BAY PACKER NATION ). won the lottery the day Management signed DeVontae. Hes just FAN–TASTIC!!!!!

Bear Warrior117

We just need to beat 49s it gonna be tough but we could win let’s go all the way

Ronnie Hankins

Tar should get a collection of his early heavy drop seasons and show them to the promising WRs! Never quit working on your craft!

Melissa Cassell

Alright now. Adam’s, and the Packers showed up and showed out. Congratulations guys

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