Aaron Jones Talks About Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Making Big-Time Plays – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Anthony Abrego

Woo Go Pack Go. Let beat those 9ers and take a trip to the Super Bowl.


Love the pack, but can we talk bout jones’s hairline for a sec tho?😂

    Zane Barnsley

    Don’t you ever disrespect my boys ever again

    Tony Blackstar

    It’s called male pattern baldness a defect that has Plagued men for centuries.

    Tom Heath

    nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. AARON JONES is a great guy and an amazing talent. GO PACK GO !!

Devo 009

GPG please beat the 69ers we need Packers D to come up big 69ers only had 28 points on the Vikings we got this GB 31 , SF 21

Juancho 0316

Aaron Jones is such a humble guy. What a beast 🔥

yo daddy

Great group of Team players. 👍


“I walked up to ARod and said hey man you’re the GOAT.”
-Aaron Jones

Damean Wards

AJs gotta be my favorite Packer right now… dudes skilled, very confident yet respectful and humble.


This boy from El Paso!

destined destined

1-0 to the bowl!

cruzboy 27

Aaron Jones is my mvp this season go pack go 🧀 🧀🧀 do yo thang next week

Saul Orosco

Aaron jones got the best field vision

Jay Goodman

49ers will be READY😏

Kiasia Johnson


David B.G

21 td’s


Rodgers…..THE GOAT

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