Preston Smith Says Russell Wilson Tested the Defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gamingmaster T

Is YouTube broke or is their actually no comments

Ollie Adkins

Great job guys keep that motor running love your hard work

    Blk Pig


Patrick John Grimmer

Crazy how A Rod isn’t even the heart of this team this year – despite what he does – its THESE guys

    Edwin Maldonado


    Aaron Osborne

    It’s the whole team man.. that’s why they’re winning it’s not just Rodgers. Jones, Crosby, Jaire, Graham. Everyone has stepped up and made big plays 1 point in the season. Years past it was just rodgers and the WRs now they have a collective unit.

    ambi ven

    @Aaron Osborne Exactly! For the first time in years, Packers are playing as a team. Same reason Patriots won so many superbowls because every guy does their job to the best of their ability. Thats what I am seeing in my packers this year. Go pack Go!!!

SL Grimp

The Smith bros going to work 🔥

skyler behunin

Z looks fly af

    Yoster Schnauss


    Beast Slayer

    Dude stays fly

Anton Kozintsev

I love this team so much

    maria martinez


David Y

Love these guys! Love this team!! Go pack go!

i gumby

He pulled the hawks dangerously close. But the way he was sacked all day long was the reel hilite!!!!!

🧀🧀GO PACK GO🧀🧀!!!!!!!

    Blk Pig


mike hawk

Gg guys- Seahawks fan

    brayden finch

    mike hawk GG mike, always a great game between GB and Seattle

    Blk Pig

    Thanks Mike. Russ is a real leader, a true G.O.A.T…

Awesome Vids

Love 💛😭


Find u someone who looks at you the way Z does to P

    Yoster Schnauss

    Can’t I just be P?


Z won the line of scrimmage AND the post game fashion contest!!!

destined destined

1-0 to the bowl!

Sean Goulding

As a Seahawks fan I can’t even be mad, Packers played better. Best of luck in the next round and hopefully ye can win a SB

    Blk Pig

    Thanks Sean. Russ is one of the most dangerous QBs ever, it’s always a tough game against him, we don’t take it lightly…


    Jacob Gomez I’m one of them too lol, Seattle got outplayed, and even if it was short, Rodgers would’ve hit the QB sneak on 4th down to get the win. Congratulations you guys deserved that win

    yola baby


    Neelay Sachdeva

    Thanks for not blaming the refs


These two especially Z need to be Packers for the rest of his NFL career ~ I say keep them both forever but the NFL is much to cruel to make that dream a reality . Thank you for coming to our football team Smith Bros ! Thank you for everything you have done for our franchise and your teammates !! Revenge in San Fran !

    Dylan .M

    Think we got them for 3 more years

Zay Catano

Love u green bay .thanks you .. one game at a time lets go .. Pack for life ❤❤💓


If Russell Wilson wasn’t the qb then the defense would’ve had like 5 more sacks….just know jimmy g can’t move like that

    KanthearU B

    KiingAP pretty sure the miners aren’t blocking Preston with a practice squad TE


    Yes he can. Dude Garoppolo is unstoppable this season. He was a backup for the patriots and got his shot with the niners he’s no joke. All we as packer fans can do is sit and hope that the defense can put the stops out


    FauxRat garoppolo isn’t unstoppable…his last 4 games he has 3 tds and 3 ints with around 220 yards a game…the one thing that turned the game last time was them getting like 3 big plays…Lafleur needs to watch what the seahawks did against the 9ers to be able to score on them and the game will be much closer

Christina Ramirez

Great job fellas! Go Pack!

Da Burr

Love these boys. Killin it out there. Keep it up for dv

Dane Vanden Heuvel

Za’Darius rocking a bucks jersey makes me love him even more

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