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I said this last week, I’ll say it this week. We won because Julio got the ball. 300 yards in 2 weeks

    Byron Jones

    No I in team, everyone got the ball.

    Dandre Johnson

    Byron Jones not as much as Julio tho

Byron Jones

Vic is showing up!

    TheReal President2016

    Byron Jones not really. He needs to go. He’s too small for a DE

    Jacob Kainalu

    TheReal President2016 but he lead the team in sacks tho 🤔 I’d keep him around for less money and cut tak, since he be talking trash on twitter and always hurting shoulder plus only got 3.5 sacks off with them dreads!

    Flavor Stone

    Cut that bum

Gary Turbo

Looking forward to tanking

    LA Ryan

    Tanking with one game left. 😂😂😂😂

Ernest Brown2

Well going need a few changes next year but Quinn needs to comeback just don’t run the defense, get rid of dirk kotter & gm need to go bring back vic as lb& draft good rise up

    B Strong

    Ernest Brown2 unless we can get Gary Kubiak I’d just keep Dirk and Malarkey. We have enough talent on the offense to carry a slightly average at best offensive coordinator.

    Samuel Davis

    Although it might not help the Falcons attendance Dan Quinn will probably be back. Dimitroff might be the guy who gets canned.

    Reese Dog

    Lol now people want Vic back. Well guess what it ain’t happening.

    Flavor Stone

    Wtf get rid of Vic

Shaun Long

Keep Quinn .
Fire Dimitroff
Hire a quality GM for talent & scheme fit value & who knows how to not waste money
Promote Raheem Morris as DC
Hire a guy like Mike McDaniel for OC who knows the zone blocking scheme might & day
Let’s get cooking in ‘20 .


    The “Fire Dimitroff” bit makes little sense. Beyond the fact that it has been stated that DQ controls the roster, clearly we have the talent to win even if TD was picking the guys exclusively. You want to keep the guy who took half a season to figure out how to get them to work effectively (by letting someone else do it) but fire the guy who has paid the guys DQ praises constantly and has done a pretty decent job managing the cap. I support keeping Dan another season but I’d let him go before TD. Our problems this season have been operational, not administrative.

    B Strong

    Shaun Long if Ed Dodds isn’t available I’d just keep Thomas Dimitroff.

    Julio J

    So we are going to fire the OC After one year back? Lol this is why our offense was slow at the start because they’re constantly changing coaches.

John Thompson

Rise TF Up

Ryan Flanagan


Josh From dunder mifflin

Make the linebacker coach the full time D-Coordinator, DRAFT DLinemen and Dbs litteraly nothing else. Trade devonte, its time. Draft a replacement for alex mack. Sign Quinn to a 1 year prove it deal.

A Par1160

Congrats Matt and Julio…& Falcons!!


In quinn we trust

Flavor Stone

Just because 44Vic decided to play the second half of the season dose not mean he needs to stay, we need to move on from that bum. We need someone who play all year

    Anthony Wright

    That is your opinion but the former pro bowler will be staying as the Falcons will be resigning him. That’s Right….

    Burgess Cody Jr

    @Anthony Wright If u a true fan you should want this bum off the team

Flavor Stone

Release Freeman! Should of kept Coleman

Jay Manning

Based on how this team has played down the stretch and seeing the growth of some of the young players, I actually have changed my opinion and I’m okay given DQ another season, not afraid to change my opinion or say I’m wrong, I think the coaching changes changed the mindset of this team, the team actually seems to be jelling now

    Orochi Maru

    It happened last year also. Fire him.

Albert Maddox

So we beat one of the worst teams in the league, i dnt think that makes missing playoffs ok? I also dnt think it makes quinn or many of the players like freeman beasly etc off the hook,
Btw biggest waste of money is to keep trufuant we need a bigger more capable cb… and of course dirk needs to go aswell

Nate Lowe

Tale of 2 Halves(1-7 & possbily 6-2), keep the momentum heading into 2020, no more excuses for the 1st Lombardi in Atlanta’s trophy case

Good Looking Honkey

It doesn’t matter Einsteins….fire Quinn and Td! Geez you fans are dumb and want more losing years

Abraham Garcia

Fire TD, maybe keep dirk(depending on who is available), release Trufant Vic and free

    Julio J

    Abraham Garcia this is why you’re not a GM

Falcon BANE77

Keep QUINN. The Players love him. They don’t need fans to win just each other. Dirk has found a rhythm and those rooks on the Oline are playing big time.

Frosty Boi

What happened to Ridley? Did he get injured or what

    Danny Doyle

    Calvin Ridley is on the IR due to abdominal injury… 2 weeks ago!

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