Matt Ryan postgame press conference | Jaguars – Falcons – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matt Ryan postgame press conference | Jaguars – Falcons

Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan addresses the media after the 24-12 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Joshua Rajasuncy



Let’s goooooooooooo

Silkky BJ


Kennon Moss

Matty Ice baby!!!!!!

Byron Jones

Beast mode dirty birdz.. let’s F Tampa up next week.

Speed falcons For life

Matty ice ❄️

Byron Jones

Dirk toasted those fooled with Freeman. Quite haten on my OC!


    He’s trash bro

    Byron Jones

    @AustinSBL306 I disagree bro,


    Byron Jones Dirk needs to be fired ASAP. All season long he’s been promoting to team be “balanced” and yet we only had 4 games with 100 yard or more on the ground.

    He can’t create balance and allows Matt Ryan to throw 40+ times and know fact when Ryan throws for less than 30 attempt we win games easily.

    This offense is not structured right, it’s stale and old school. We need a good OC because once again TD thought it was good idea. Open your eyes bro, idc if you say that “rYans getS a NeW oC ThAts bacK tO sQUarE oNe”
    Ryan makes any OC good in his first year. 😂. Dirk is ABSOLUTELY, not the answer moving forward

    MadMikeSports said it himself as well.

Football Films

I said this last week but we won because Julio got the ball

    LA Ryan

    Julio passed 12k career yards today. If Matt was throwing to Julio like this sooner he would have 20k yards by now and Matt’s stats would be insane! #RISEUP!


    @LA Ryan fans gotta make up there mind you guys get mad that he forces it to julio and then get mad when he doesn’t throw it to him. the 2 picks this game came from him throwing it to him

Gary Turbo

Where was that all season?

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam

    It’s coaching that’s all. Also these referees are trash

Ryan Flanagan



go falcons screw tanking


Would have been a better game if guys would just catch the ball, these guys cannot keep dropping great passes from our greatest QB in franchise history, we won that’s all that counts!!!

    Dandre Johnson

    jdmoody22 we hav the fewest drops in the league tho


    @Dandre Johnson I know ,but today was 1 of those days ,but still we won ,let’s all be happy and enjoy this.

    Standing In The Rain

    Yeah, I am happy to see the Falcons playing better. Hopefully, Mr. Blank will keep Dan Quinn because he is a good coach.

Deon Go healthy

Matt Ryan 😎👌🏈 great win!

Deon Go healthy

Falcons 🏈👌#good job#Brotherhood

Deon Go healthy

Falcons 😎🏈#Defense#Jarrett#Big Beasley#Jones#Clayborne

Standing In The Rain

Matt is right about the margin for error to be successful in the NFL. Hopefully, next year the ball will bounce more in favor of the Falcons.

TKD rulez!

Tanking is for losers, let’s ride the momentum into next season. We have an extra second round pick from the pats so we should get some good talent this year regardless

Good Looking Honkey

Laugh and celebrate all yall want with stats. ….but win the easy games next year at home. Smh…win the freaking superbowl and stop celebrating losing

    shadowtrooper ERROR-675

    Stop hating

    Frosty Boi

    At least we made it to the SB

Andrew Young

I believe Matt Ryan&Julio Jones best duo in NFL everyone in my opinion that facts they both underappreciated too do it if we just play free through week 1 2020 season

MoneySet 445

it going on 2 years come on I’m tired of see same shixt I need see some changes offensive coordinator Oliver trade Beasley trade Ricardo Allen cya trufrunt trade

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