Chargers Break down Loss vs. Raiders, “We have one more game left to compete” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Darel Russel

Im a big fan you guys are not bad but next year you will do great


12-4 seems like a decade ago 😠


    At 12-4….if Philip wouldn’t have made that clock management error against Denver last season the Chargers would have been the #1 Seed. Yep, seems like a decade ago….


    jasona9 oh god don’t remind me . That would of changed the outcome because at point the pats come to LA and so do the chiefs 😪


    jasona9 great memories…

    Billy Jean

    Where were you before that year


Hopefully going 0-6 in the division is a wake up call.

    Sam W.

    Still got one more game lol

    Ben Hottel

    We haven’t been able to wake up for a decade, the closest we got was last year


    @Ben Hottel Close as Nate Kaeding’s foot falling asleep , but I guess that’s Over a decade . Quietest trolley ride back to Old Town I’d ever want to see .

    Sam W.

    @97RAVINEAVE no. That was actually his balls. His balls were hurting him. And that is not a surprise to me since the amount of times his teammates were probably kicking his fcuking balls after the game.
    Funny how he started randomly appearing on the injury report lists for the remainder of his career right after that game and appearing for the same injury.

    david sanders

    @Sam W. 🤣🤣💀

felix f


Andrew Dang

Last week, I was thinking over which coach to get rid of or get rid of Tom Telesco, I have appreciate what they’ve done some stuff for the players and for the fans, but I think we need a change in coaching, I don’t know if Spanos will sell this team according to some fans or not because of the criticism of the move to LA but that’ll still be discussed for awhile. Coach Lynn has been awesome with us for 3 years, but maybe I’m starting to feel like it’s time for Lynn to start a new journey and coach a different team and Lynn’s magic to lead us to the super bowl is fading away, I’m also not trusting Gus Bradley to coach our defensiveness woes as well. With our bad defense like this, we’re not in a super bowl discussion.#Bolt Up

    CV Production

    Andrew Dang one bad season with Lynn and it’s “fire Lynn “ y’all some fake fans but yet when we went 12-4 y’all didn’t say “fire Lynn”


    Coaches can only play the guys the GM picks. Telesco dropped the ball in the draft, FA, and trade deadline. His one achievement was getting Tyrod Taylor.

    Agostin Espiritu

    CV Production not really fake fans…. this season was on rivers and the coaching staff, Lynn has control of everything especially tryna get free agent players, didn’t happen, new OC, didn’t happen, new o-line and d-line when we really needed it, didn’t happen, In game adjustments from all coaches suck especially from Gus Bradley. Now way in hella we have all this talent and are 5-10, it’s not the players, it’s our coaching staff.

    Billy Jean

    CV Production and also Lynn terrible gameplan against the Patriots last year lol. 35-7 at half

Donald Hinck

Got out coach again

Andrew Dang

Rivers is still my legendary player and I don’t want him to go to a different team, he can retire as a charger or to keep playing for us., I don’t think his 18 interceptions were all his fault, we need more great duos to fit with the rest of the team, our O line needs improvement, and receivers being better with running

    Bleeding Silence

    Agreed. Cant hate on Rivers.


    If rivers was on any other team than the chargers he would have rings

    Billy Jean

    The majority were tipped as well

    Daniel Deford

    @Billy Jean tipped, receiver slips, not looking, or late in games when they are down and been fighting back to stay in the game and it’s 4th&long or 3rd&long. Put any QB in this situation with no protection you will get INTs. However, that INT late vs KC earlier this season to end the game, 100% on him, was simply him making a bad through. Not a bad decision because he had him in the corner for a TD but under threw it.

Ron Silvia

It’s actually better to lose these games because it gives a better draft pick.


    Draft OT or BUST bb

    Ron Silvia

    @DubsBrown its time to get a qaurterback

    Billy Jean

    Ron Silvia or perhaps a real offensive line? Rivers doesn’t have one play where some 350 lb DT or a 270 lb DE isn’t hitting before 3 seconds after the snap. Rivers can’t do everything

    Ron Silvia

    @Billy Jean i love phillip rivers but at most he’s got 2 seasons left and drafting 1 or 2 offensive linemen is not going to change the fact rivers has no mobility whatsoever to avoid a rusher it’s time to draft a younger quarterback that when needed can run out of the pocket to avoid an oncoming rush

Eliot Garcia

Tank season BABY Ya brain washed fans really thought this team was gonna make playoffs with all of the injuries in the beginning of the season. Lettuce,mayonnaise,and onion

Rknee Gordon

“We have gotten used to..” Why? Why have you gotten used to opponents fans showing up and you showing them a good time? LT never got used to it. He hated it. LT made sure opposing fans had a miserable time, until they stopped showing up in force. Three years of just accepting it, and bending over, like you did in the game. ⚡️


    Rknee Gordon they don’t care

Scum Bag

Fans aren’t showing because a ticket cost a arm and a leg


    Parking too.

    Casey lawton

    Truth. You don’t build a fan base by charging so dam much. They should have cheap tickets and free beer for everyone in blue!

    enTer ZoNe

    @Casey lawton most definitely…

    Brent Pham

    @enTer ZoNe I got free parking by parking at aa transit center then taking a free bus. I waited until about 10 minutes after the game started for ticket prices to go down. No ticket was sold below $150.

    enTer ZoNe


DAGO boy

What do expect when your playing 16 road games a year. NO TEAM can overcome that! Its a complete joke! The NFL dont like to talk about that

    Brent Pham

    Ticket prices are simply too expensive


As if this season could not be any worse you couldn’t even beat the raiders this year or the broncos and you will probably lose next week to the chiefs and finish 0-6 in the division

    thunderbolts 24

    Stankyg55 This is worse than the 1-15 team 🤮

    Sam W.

    @thunderbolts 24 hell no! That year was absolutely garbage! We couldn’t move the ball at all that year. The Chargers D was absolutely trash. A lot of the game were essentially blowouts. All of the games this year have been close except the Vikes game.
    There is no way in hell u can compare this year to 2000.

    Sam W.

    @thunderbolts 24 the team actually had potential if they could just finish off games.

Ricky Quijada

O Line is trash…


We’re working on our first round pick I guess. Still going to need an OC. Bad O-lines are probably the new norm. Quicker plays or a mobile QB. Fully stacked and were 1 season away from rebuilding. We’re the new Browns?

    Daniel Deford

    Are you suggesting we should replace Rivers with Tyrod Taylor? He is mobile after all.

DAGO boy

I used to think Anthony Lynn was a good coach. Now im starting to wonder…

    George Clayton

    DAGO boy he’s a brilliant coach. I really don’t think he’s the problem

    Billy Jean

    He ain’t no Pete Carrol or Bill Bellicheck that’s for sure

    Daniel Deford

    Anythony Lynn manages the games well (good head coach), however, needs to realize that this is the only team in the NFL that has to get the passing game going first in order to pull defenders back off the line to open up running lanes for the RBs, not the other way around.

    Look at what he did the first 4 games as Chargers HC, tried rushing first to open the passing game up yet never once got the rushing game moving until after Rivers started completing passes over the top.

    This team is backwards to all other teams in the NFL because they have a great QB with one of the worst O-Lines. If Anthony Lynn would notice this and start passing early instead of running early to start games you might see a huge difference the the result of the games.

R&B Music

Can’t lie man Phil talking about what it used to be like gave me tears man. It hurts. Really hurts to love this team so much and this is the result. Love stays the same regardless. BoltUp

Lowkey asab

Phil talking about how home games used to be and what it’s like to have a real fan base at a home game. I feel bad for Derwin James and all them new guys San Diego would have shown so much support for them. Even till this day when you go to San Diego you see hella people wearing chargers hats/jerseys etc but a lot of people stopped supporting them after the move

Cesar Muro

Get a dam Oline.


    Cesar Muro , without Pouncy and Okung that group looked really bad! A Division II Rookie at blind side Tackle? Philip Rivers deserves better!

    Cesar Muro

    jasona9 couldn’t agree more

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