Cowboys Introduce Mike McCarthy as Head Coach – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Introduce Mike McCarthy as Head Coach

Watch as the Dallas Cowboys host a press conference to introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy from Ford Center at The Star in Frisco.

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Cowboys Nation!!!!

g Twice

The Clapper is gone 🦀

    g Twice

    Poor Shroud 👏 👏

    Yung GooseJuice

    🦀 rave

    Raul Lopez

    He learned to clap from Jimmy He clapped a lot too.

    west coast flava

    The whopper has arrived

Erick Mack


    Scott Davidson

    Get what? Jerry still in charge. Jerry still running the show… don’t Be fooled…I’ve Been a Cowboy fan since 1975 this organization ain’t done squat in 24 years… get a grip until Jerry drops DEAD ain’t nothing changing.

    Erick Mack

    @Scott Davidson ..ok

    VEN Plux

    Scott Davidson keep it to urself

    James Macias

    @Nunya Bizznasski shut the f****** and go iron your male cheerleaders outfit for the Pro Bowl


Let’s go McCarthy
Dez did catch it lol


    It wasn’t a catch!

    D Davis

    Rules are rules man 🤷‍♂️

    Stephen Fields

    Get over it

    Tim Baker

    @Traphouz420 yes it definitely was a catch. Dez went up and high pointed the ball. Caught the ball. Possessed and gained full control of the football. Comes down and takes 3 steps. 3 stels is a football move. He lunged toward the goal line on the 3rd step. And he still had full possession of the. all when he lunged forward. He hits the ground than *FUMBLES* the football. Than Dez recovered his own fumble on the goal line. There’s no way in hell that should have been ruled an incomplete pass. If the 3rd step is a football move. That means when he lost control of the ball, that it should have been ruled a *fumble!* Recovered by Dez on the goal line. Not an incomplete pass.

    Vell G


Robert Nunez

Yeh!!👏 no 👏more 👏Howdy👏👏Dowdy


It’s an upgrade let’s get it 💪🏻 #DemBoyz

    Jacob Denissen

    Danskii another 8-8 season

Steff Cuddi

Nfc east feels unrecognizable now, andys benn gone, shanahan been gone, coughlin gone, now the clap man himself, this is weird man


    Times are a’ changin

    Drrizzy Dreww

    New era

    Kal pz9

    They’ve all been gone for years wtf?

    Adrian V

    Yeah fr. Years. Wtf lol

    Charlie G

    Should be a competitive division hopefully

jAy Future7

You know it’s pretty damn funny that Mike McCarthy looks like it could be Jerry Jones son because he looks like Jerry Jones son

    Aaron Cortez

    Lmao frfr

    Kyle Morgan

    And like he hate Jerry Jones’ son.

    Lion K1NG

    a little more like stephen

    Ibn Bilal

    😆 to damn funny ..never ever reply this is the first. God job lol damn I’m dying

Clash with James 1

I’ll give it to you Mike you have made some good coach hires for us so far

    Mentor Tairi

    @Ricardo Granados yeah hes out

    Anthony Brown

    @Ricardo Granados Let him go. He was a huge disappointment. That secondary was awful this year. It’s more clear to my why Seattle said adios

    Anthony Brown

    @Ricardo Granados REALLY? Did you see those performances against the Bills…Vikings…Chicago…Detroit…The J ET S????? Nah….This defense waaaay under performed. Nothing worse as a fan watching teams be in 3rd and long only to see time and time again screen plays get chunk yardage for first downs. I can’t believe the lack of success trying to stop a screen play. It was all season long. Terrible

    Ricardo Granados

    @Anthony Brown true. Im just going off what I’m used to seeing by them. Can’t say our d line hasn’t improved by far as well as our line backers

    Anthony Brown

    @Ricardo Granados l don’t know Ricardo….l just saw a lot of bad football from this defense this year. That was not the expectations going into this year. I think going into this season unlike other seasons most believed that The Cowboys had a DEFENSE. Everyone believed that The pieces were in place. As the season went along you could see that was not the case.

last jedi

I think mike is gonna be a good hire hopefully all the coaches and players gel together and come out in the 2020 season all buisness each and every week and play good football consistently…..dallas has a talented roster and with the right direction i think they can win a superbowl within the next 3 yrs.

    Lorraine Nisbet

    last jedi now they can win it all

    Ali Muhammad

    Dallas winning the sb next year all they needed was a coach…

Dee Cee

As a cowboys fan I ain’t saying nothing…hell yeah I’m excited but I ain’t gon say nuthin


    Dee Cee how can u even be a fan of the cowgirls 🤣

    Dee Cee

    @Ali Muhammad I’m not a fan of Dak he still can’t throw 30 yrds down the field…iono why Jerry got all those receivers for a QB that can’t throw the deep ball

    Ali Muhammad

    @Dee Cee dak is gone like Garrett watch….

Hugo King

That opener was intended straight for Jason Garrett

    VEN Plux

    Hugo King that’s what I was thinking 💀

    Rocky HuH


    Lost Timing


Damon Mcmann

Jerry n his optimism. U gotta love that about him right or wrong.

    Hvac 2001


    F L

    You can’t not respect Jerry 😂 football aside he’s a great businessman

    Damon Mcmann

    @F L I just said u have to respect his optimism whether he’s right or wrong because most owners don’t show that.

    Montra Huot

    This hire really means alot to him.

Kal pz9

Mike Mcarthy is a genuinely good human being and his character shines through. He will be a great coach for Dallas. Respect

    Flash Gordon

    Why did he retire?

    Nunya Bizznasski



    Flash Gordon fired from packers


This was a great hire and perfect timing for what we need. He has won big games in the playoffs and can handle a high pressure coaching position like this one

    Go pack Go 12

    Lol think of all the big packer moments aarons throw to richard in a tight window aaron hail marys aaron drawing up plays in 16

Chris T.

Jerry- please leave him alone to do his job. He’ll win soon.

    Flash Gordon

    What do you blame garrett for?

    Mounder Blue



    Flash Gordon Everything !!!!

Chris Pee

Garret such a cheerleader of the cowboys I bet he clapping his hands watching this press conference

    Flash Gordon

    @Ali Muhammad They said that about Hillary. All lies.

    Ali Muhammad

    @Flash Gordon said wut

    Eddie Wenrich


    Ali Muhammad

    @Eddie Wenrich like i said dallas is the power house of yall division now with all those great coaches

Ttv Cyyckk

Mike looks like the funny guy at a business meeting lmao 😂

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