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Jordyn Criss

Thank god a new coach👍🏈

    Paulette Walls


m p_

gonna see what he’s all about next season

De Von

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Capital City Music Man


    Mr. Artis

    Yes sirrrr!!!!

Original Rebel

Let’s see what happens, go COWBOYS ☆

Phone Home Mahomes

Dope video.. Let’s get it 🔥🔥🔥

anotulok mo

Lets Go Cowboys!! For new Era!!!


That solo clap after Jerry’s intro hahah


    It was Jason Garrett in the back

    Gabriel Garcia

    Uputz best comment 😂😂

Metal Dave

I agree with the change and hiring Mike McCarthy, his play calling in Green Bay wasn’t the only thing he got fired for…personalities crashes and ego’s gets in the way and therefore it doesn’t work, Mike knows exactly what he is getting in Dallas and so does Jerry, they both want the same thing, they have a talented young roster and now is the change they need, no more ego’s, no more pointing fingers, just coach and they will win Division title’s, NFC Championship and the Super Bowl in those five year’s

    Harry Singh

    Metal Dave His play calling just got stale, but during his year off he’s been watching film and changing up his playbook schemes which is good.

    Jason Janoy Blaha Lover Boy


    Mark James

    When you’re in the same place for 13 years, Sometimes a new voice in the locker room is what’s needed. Dak will be a breath of fresh air as far as coaching him. Something McCarthy never had with Rodgers or Favre.

A. Hernandez

Suck it Eagles

Jakavian Tyrell Hines

Super Bowl is coming I just don’t know when


    Jakavian Tyrell Hines when Jerry jones passes away

    A B1986


    Ray G

    Porky Pig now the coach of the Cowboys, get ready to go 8-8 over and over again. What a joke, the interview was jerry gets his yes man No Super Bowl for the next 5 years

    The Dummy

    If everything clicks I say 2 to 3 years.. I doubt he takes us to the SB in his first year but it’s possible but I have a feeling he will at least get us back to the NFC Championship game

    Kendrick Robinson

    The Super Bowl is February 2, 2020. You’re welcome. (Just a friendly joke from one cowboys fan to another 😂)

Chris Graham

Dez caught it

    Richard Ramirez


    Jerry Junior

    Chris Graham somewhere Garrett is 👏🏾


    @Jerry Junior Garrett isn’t black?


    He got the catch, had a million things happen for it to be a possession and was down by contact before the ball came out/touched the ground. Should’ve been a catch then as it is now. With the old rule the rule it’s more of when the receiver touches the ball and how soon it comes out, what happened to the ball in the process like when Calvin Johnson caught it then immediately tossed it to the ref and they ruled incomplete. But somehow the down by contact part was skipped with what happened with Dez. Nothing should’ve mattered afterwards as soon as his elbow/forearm his the ground.

Jesus is beast 77

It looks like cobb is returning next season!!!

    Youtube censors My comments

    Be a blessing!

    Jerry Junior

    Jesus is beast 77 Hopefully


    Cobb he sorry

    Jeanpaul Rosario

    They need to let one of the receivers out if they dont have much money. Hopefully they keep cooper imo




As much as I don’t like the hire, and preferred Urban Myer over Mike. I really want you to succeed. Long live DALLAS, and bring us home to the promise land

r nhim

bringing in Mike Nolan, we’ll finally put some big DT on the inside to stuff the run


As a Packers fan, I have to say congratulations to you Cowboys fans. You got yourself a good man and a great coach. He’ll get you guys winning again. I always liked Mike and didn’t like the way GB ambushed him after a game and fired him. He deserved better than that. See you guys in the playoffs next year. Go Pack!

    Jerry Junior

    Trucker_Pete We’ll be facing you guys in Lambeau field during the regular season too, till then, have fun this weekend.

    SpongeBob NiggaPants

    Respect ✊

    Chase Dyer

    Hopefully we can end Rogers curse on the Boys lmao

Homer Balderas

Somewhere out there Jason Garrett is watching and 👏🏼


    Homer balderas are u fucking serious thas ur name??? Homer wtf??? Jajaja


    @jakecool564 Are you serious that’s your name? JAKE???? Lmfao what a typical overused name.

    John Wayne

    funny… and true

Z-Rock Chi-Town

That solo clap after Mike McCarthy’s intro was Jason Garrett 👏


0:30 Legends say, The ghost of Jason Garrett can be heard clapping…

Mystery Man

Yes! Bring it on … It can only get better!

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