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Jordan Ebacher

They look pretty excited. Now I am stoked for next season!

    Lizard Outlaw


    Ken Salazar

    @Lizard OutlawTake it easynow. not that easy, let’s see how things go. Even if they go well it takes one injury to ruin the season…Our O line is not what it once was…Cooper isn’t signed….there’s plenty of open holes…

    Bobby B

    Jordan Ebacher
    He was kidding. Duh

Southside SlimMillionaire

Jason garret punching the air right now, Let’s go COWBOYS

    Lady Love

    so boring!!

    David Kasprzak

    Relax dude season just ended!! All that excessive celebration early??

    H1 Z1

    Nah dolby is finally free

The Big Man

I admire jerry love’s his team but he needs to step down


    @fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass And yet you’re replying like a predictable imbecile so apparently you do have time.


    @ItsAmazingHowIAm said _”He fired two good coaches for ridiculous reasons.”_

    Name those two coaches?


    @NebTheWeb Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry

    Josie Whales

    Step down….lol….he owns the yeam

Super Android

ok jerry. now stay the fudge out of his way.

    Dividend Income

    @Stugotz98 Stephen was responsible for letting Dez go, Stephen has been more careful about paying players than Jerry and I’m sure sure letting Jason Garrett go was also Stephens call.

    Duane Garza

    Preach……say it again


    Will never happen

    Ellie Knight

    Exactly. Mike won’t make a difference at all unless Jerry lets him coach.

D Marshall

I wonder if Garrett clapped when McCarthy was introduced as coach.

    Neil Graham

    Thats what he does, clap. Think thats all he does

    James Tatum

    @Frank Graham lmfao😂😂😂😂


    Sounds like McCarthy clapped Jerry after he got the job

    Nicholas Lewis

    I heard he was the one who suggested McCarthy don’t know if that’s fact checked but that’s what an article I read yesterday said.


Damn Mike said trust the process, man we just got finished with a 10 year process with Garrett


    Lol I should’ve put a LOL at the end of that, I was clearly joking, I’ve been hearing Garrett say it for 10 years and when Mike said it I lost it lmao

    Gerald Cutler

    Exactly no talk with urgency or anything. No mandate for success. “We will win, we shall win. Winning is the name of the game”. That is what Jerry said when he first bought the team. This guy is a retread.

    A. Puerto

    Gerald Cutler We all know he’s an upgrade over Garrett. A massive upgrade. But he says a lot of things like Garrett. This basically what he is. If don’t expect his press conference to be that special either. As a coach his offense got stale in GB and fans hated his conservative ways. He had bad clock management and game management issues as well. His defenses sucked but they suffered some injuries and their GM wouldn’t sign anybody in free agency. So we’ll see what happens. He’s an upgrade over Garrett, but there’s still never been a SB winning HC win it with more than one team. I expect us to win the division in 2020 just for the simple fact that nobody in the East has won the division in consecutive years since 2003 and the Cowboys have been good, then bad and then good again for awhile now. So I expect an 11/12 win season with a trip to the NFC title game. Hope they go to the SB and get us 6.

David Hernandez

🙇‍♂️👏👏👏 Jason Garrett At Home eating a bucket of wings watching this

    Albert Vidal

    And clapping*


    He’s thinking Jerry never really fired him.



    Wayne Oneal

    Cracking jokes is fine and apart of life..we all do it however I’ll take this opportunity to say Jason did a tremendous job in many aspects and I know it was always his goal to win it all! Although that didn’t happen it’s not fair to attack and ridecule someone who had a job of directing 52 players to win against 31 other teams!!! That’s no easy task! He’s a good man and a good football mind and I appreciate his effort! Thanks


Bones is definitely the best hire they’ve made

    johnny cray

    Bone Thugs & Harmony


    Jerry Bones Jones


    mccarthy hired him

    Ruben Romero

    We rams fans will miss him, probably the best special teams coach. Expect to be super aggressive and sneaky.

Barrington Little

Somewhere in the distance you are hearing the faint sounds of a Jason Garrett clap…………………


I hope Randall Cobb is resigned


    @Omar Handely its safer to stick with cobb who mccarthy has been around for a long time and knows his game.


    Cobb was at this press conference to welcome him. They love each other.

    Frederik Brandt

    my75laguna Why would you want Cobb to leave? He did pretty good last year.


    @Frederik Brandt re sign. He wants him to come back.

EVH 5150

McCarthy says he’s thrilled to be here..were MORE thrilled..


    Damn right!


Now we’re, Really In Business Jerry Jones

Manuel Tovar

Jane Slater makes my heart beat faster. Love that reporter.

    A.T X

    Manuel Tovar please stfu

    A.T X

    Manuel Tovar stop generalizing all millennials

    A.T X

    Manuel Tovar I agree that millennials are pussys nowadays but not all of us bruh

Jai Jike Rodriguez

He showed more emotion in his first 5 minutes talking than Garrett showed the last ten years. Like him already.

    Jeffrey Adams

    yes sir

    2 Faces Of Evil

    Mike McCarthy a real person, Jason Garrett was a fake robot 🤖


    I completely agree, I like this hire


    As a Green Bay Packers fan, I will tell you that Mike will coach this Cowboys team to Super Bowl Championship within next couple of years. You’re getting a great coach😎👍🏻💯

Freddy Barron Sr


    George Ybarra

    That’s right he sounds like a really prepared coach the best decision the jonesboys made the last 20 yrs

Joel Tilson

Mike McCarthy is the right coach to bring the Cowboys back.

T Bizness

Take a shot every time Jerry uses an analogy

    Mandoe Muñoz

    I’m drunk lmao

M Frusciante

Better keep Cobb. He’s not a superstar, but he is a real wr, and fits beautifully in the offense

    BooGie Man

    Well said and I agree!!!


    He drafted Cobb and loves him. Cobb was at the press conference to welcome him (when he said I see Randall smiling). MM always had a great relationship with his receivers in Green Bay. I’m a Packers fan and Cobb was always a huge clutch receiver in Mike’s offense.


    Yeah 💯I miss not having Cobb in Green Bay

Adam Watson

I actually think this is a Steve hire……..

    Jon Ratcliff

    I agree 100 percent, I really feel Jerry is slightly steeping back. He must have cancer

    Michael Edwards

    @Jon Ratcliff the testicular cancer has him crying at night more than losing in the playoffs

    William Anthony

    Nope Steven wanted a college coach Jerry wanted somebody who been a nfl head coach

    Michael Edwards

    @William Anthony agree, the team is set to win now and with Jerry’s testicular cancer it is a must

Ian Glassman

He’s showed more emotion during this conference then Garrett did in 9+ years

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