Cowboys Break: Pro Bowl Snubs? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Michael Panzarella

Focused on Philly.

    Giffond Hall


marsha mangaroo

Pro bowl is a popularity award. Nobody likes the cowboys.

Jammal Williams

How can u Discount Dak performance this year” is a Joke” he’s not in the pro- Bowl.. on Pace to Break all his Records” play- Calin is why they r not better” on offence+:D- Fence..

Jammal Williams

5000 passing yrds” on Pace” 30 Tds- in a season” also rushing Tds” top 5″ in completion+ QBR” Dak is a Natural Born Leader” Sky is the Limit wat he will do. ” Let’s go Cowboys Nation” Beat them Eagles..

Jammal Williams

Loosing is not an option” don’t scare now” this is why I love Football” win or go Home” Cowboys will win& put the Eagles out of the Misery ” Let’s go Cowboys” Take care of Bussines…

    Giffond Hall

    I dont trust garrett

Jammal Williams

Eagles Game plan is goin be juss, as The Rams game plan” only Difference they Don’t have Hurley” They going to screen u to death” with Sanders, also Eartz+ Goddard..

Mark V

Cooper over Jones for sure & Robert Quinn has 9 1/2 sacks🤷‍♂️

Jammal Williams

Where is Randy Gregory?

    Kevynn Joseph

    off-field issues. dunno if violating the league’s substance abuse is still the issue against him

Giffond Hall

who cares about the pro-growl just focus on beating the eagles

David Cantu

I absolutely do not care about the Pro Bowl, especially this season, happy for the ones who made it, but they have enough distractions as it is. Need to keep their heads in the game, focus on Eagles and WIN on Sunday….as much as I’ve been saying they don’t belong in the playoffs, who the hell knows, On Any Given Sunday, right?….

Ron Jurski



Ambar eating that Texas bbq 🍑

Stonehall Studios

Its empty stats when Dak does it but when Drew Brees gets 5000 yards and misses the playoffs, let’s give him a pass

Stonehall Studios

Miss the playoffs because of a loss to a wounded Eagles group is definitely worthy of getting fired

Freddy Barron Sr

Dak should replace Aaron Rodgers for the pro bowl. All of his stats are better

David Zuniga

Ambar needs to move to the best show the cowboys put out hangin with the boys. Boom 🔥

Kenneth Lott

Dak is better then Wentz

Ernesto Sánchez

Totally agree with Nick Dak can be above Drew Brees, Rusell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers but that doesnt matter play on Sunday like a team and we will win

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