Tom Brady on BUF vs. NE: “It’s a big game for both teams” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Motyka

All things come to an end.

    Melvin Stewart

    @Storm Man pats fans Rock the world forever pats fan until the day I die.

    Melvin Stewart

    David, do I really care what you think about my Patriots? Do I really care what you think, no, I really don’t I look at you ya annoying and a jerk in rude and mean


    Go bills

    Melvin Stewart

    @BigShot go patriots go way haters

    Tom Shad

    True,but not the year!!

Todd Johnson

Why are his eyes so glazed and he blinks so much? I swear he’ll retire after this season. Dude is doped up on pain killers.

    Todd Johnson

    Darren Johnson he looks like this in every interview. Twitching, whipping lips, blinking excessively. Something is wrong with this dude.

    Darren Johnson

    He doesn’t look any different from his past interviews. Unless I have obama eyes idk

    Tristan of Númenor

    @Darren Johnson he’s looked different, ever since the Philly game they guy looks dead inside.

    Todd Johnson

    Tristan of Númenor they’ll lose to buff, beat mia, and lose in the first round. It’s as simple as that.

    Tom Shad

    I just think he’s such to death of reading stupid comments from brainless idiots like you..

Young FatCock

Two minutes means Tom is locked tf in and wants to spend every last second preparing and getting on the same page as everyone. Love it we can hear from him after the W

duvetsoran :D

Even though It’s going well with the Pats, you can see that Brady Is getting worse and worse. The defense has been a hugh part of the success this season and I thinn he will stop soon

    Melvin Stewart

    @duvetsoran 😀 he’ll retire when he is ready, what I want people to stop doing is stop hating and stop judging. Ok, I understand that you’re not judging, but I’m just saying I’m sick and tired of the hating, and I’m sick of tired of people judging

    Melvin Stewart

    @duvetsoran 😀 there’s a book called, judging by a book of his cover

    Melvin Stewart

    @duvetsoran 😀 prove me that you love the Patriots and Tom

    duvetsoran :D

    I don’t really know how to prove It :p

    Melvin Stewart

    @duvetsoran 😀 I’ll show it if you really want to get down to it, look at the quarterback for the Steelers, look out what he is, he’s in his 50s, so you want to set their judge Tom and look at look at the quarterback for the Steelers he’s in his 50s, so what does that tell me?

Melvin Stewart

Go tom


Flutie curse

therion s


Nick Silva

Two minute presser means gotta go work with nkeal on the seam route and get our offense back to what patriot football is

Melvin Stewart

haters stop going on our page and spam on our page, we’re sick and tired of it

    Melvin Stewart

    @Tommy Testosterone so keep on doubting us and keep on hating on us you hater ones that cheaters are you haters!!!

    Melvin Stewart

    @Tommy Testosterone all you do is spill hate

    Melvin Stewart

    @MHAfan 1999 you’re the one that don’t show respect but hate

    Melvin Stewart

    I don’t got time stay here and deal with you haters. I got other things to do deal with your nonsense in your Rude compliments goodbye you haters.

    MHAfan 1999

    Melvin Stewart You’re calling me pathetic and I’m the one who’s hating and not showing respect when all I said was that you didn’t have to read the comments

Real Name

Edelman hurt and playing Buffalo. It’s over. The Bill Belichick genius stripped offense for 2019/20 season with no WR’s, TE’s that can’t catch and now the 99% chance Edelman is out the rest of the season. Brady looking really stiff now from getting hit and sacked so much this season because his O line sucks. Stop the hype please. It’s over. And screw you all who don’t like the truth. I’m the angriest Pat’s fan out there now and this seasons disaster is all on Bill Belichick’s shoulders. It feels like he was paid off by someone to sabotage the Patriots. And he did. Won’t hold my breath for a 2020/21 Patriots team. Brady will be gone, probably Edelman too…Gronk will take a break from a beer bong to make some BS commentary…..the dynasty is ending. RIP.

    kyrie junior

    Well see…

    Connor DiOrio

    ummm i wouldnt say it that fast… do you realize that they say THE SAME THING EVERY SINGLE YEAR… Brady has more playoff experience than any other QB in the league. he is the 🐐 and he will always find a way to Win… never doubt BRADY and BELICHICK

    Thuyhien Le

    I believe they will find the way and do the best . Keep going Patriots no matter what

Rahlm Rawji

Huge game! I hope it lives up to the hype


GO BILLS #BILLSMAFIA We comin for ya

    Ken Lagasse

    Maybe next year buddy…..

    Steven Lee

    BigShot GO PATS!!!!!!!!

Dragonic Overlord The End

Tom basically sum it up there. Everyone needs to do their best

Kevin Richardson

Brady nation stand up


The GOAT 🐐

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