Coach Gruden Recaps Week 16 Win & Updates Josh Jacobs Injury | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Recaps Week 16 Win & Updates Josh Jacobs Injury | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden discusses the Week 16 victory over the Chargers, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, the versatility of cornerback Daryl Worley, and more.

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Anthony Thomas

Everything is ahead of the Raiders. Just Win (not the slogan) and things I believe will fall inline. I don’t expect anything special if we do make the playoffs but anything is possible.


    Anthony Thomas if they repeat the success of 2019 draft
    Isaiah Simmons, Trayvon Diggs, Cee Dee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy etc. a couple of good late picks, a few value free agents Corey Littleton, Chris Harris, etc. they are on schedule

    They have got to solve KC at Arrowhead and winning in November!! 😡

    Helmut von Vegesack

    Playoffs possible but not likely. Everything must fall into place with BAL HOU IND and there’s a complex tie breaker with the Steelers involving any of four other teams. Plus BAL is resting their starters vs PIT.


    @Helmut von Vegesack I agree. The thing is, they were wounded for a lot of the season and did patchwork with starters playing different positions – now they can evaluate, upgrade then get the necessary reinforcements, depth and starters via draft and free agency – the thing is THE ROOKIES CAME THROUGH. Now imagine HAD THEY HAVE DRAFTED Josh Allen instead of Clellin Ferrell? Those 1st round picks – must come through – Jerry Jeudy, CD Lamb, CB Kristian Fulton (LSU), whomever – they need to have equal impact as this 2019 draft had.

Keenan Mossiah

Get well Trayvon

    Tarmaan Productions

    Keenan Mossiah what happened to him


    Tarmaan Productions Curtis Riley accidentally ran into him making helmet to helmet contact and It didn’t look good. But I heard he’s ok

    Tarmaan Productions

    Mr.Coronel17 oh good

    Armaan Sohi

    Tarmaan Productions yea and it happened twice. Joyner hit him the first time and then Riley really got him. Hope he’s good


Injuries have decimated this team. Especially on the offense.


    On both sides of the ball really, it’s crazy how many injuries the Raiders sustain. I even said it seems very unusual to lose so many players in a season. Makes you wonder what the strength and conditioning coaches are doing.

Leon Florence

What a stupid question at the start. Rest our players because we’re not making the playoffs? Literally no one does that

Robert Castillo

We just gotta take care of business on our end and at least make it a decent season RN4L💀

raider nation full moon records

Let’s put that combine jacket to some use this next draft Chuck!!!!!!! RN4L!!!!!!!!!


Gruden seems pretty relaxed, good sign

E.C. Everett

For God’s sake, when will the Raiders let us hear the questions without blasting our eardrums when Gruden answers? Microphones? Anyone? Overhead? Ever heard of it?


    click your CC(closed caption function) you can see every question asked. This isnt the NBA Finals. LOL

Oakland Native

lets go texans ravens colts🙏🤞the football gods ☝️may fall where they may


    Thing is .. they all can win, too.

    Weapons Of Warfare

    Ravens are resting their starters. Ravens ain’t winning

    Oakland Native

    @Weapons Of Warfare there resting a few starters not most! don’t sleep on rg3 either he playing for a contract most likely with another team! i’ll take the ravens at home against a 3rd string qb

Justin Kase

I truly believe the Raiders are next year team. Everything else this year is pure gravy!

Phenomenal C

Whatever anyone says it was a good year with or without playoffs this man right here is bringing us back into the top 🔥🔥


This time, the Raiders face Drew Lock . So that pass rush has to get pressure. And do it A lot. It’s going to be a tough game😯

Peter E

3:45 “He’s a weird dude man, he lives football” 😂

Carlos Gutierrez

A win is BIG for our young team… Gruden building takes time.. RN4L#1🏈


Gru coached well, the team improved and we’re heading in the right direction. A couple plays here and there we’re 10-6. Next year and the year after is when we’ll get to see what this all was for.


This season will only be a loss if they don’t learn from their mistakes.

Rene BT

I love these thumbnails seeing our players and coaches happy

Say When


Rolando Rodriguez


bill hawk

Mullen glad hes ok that was scary

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