Clelin Ferrell mic’d up vs. Chargers | Mic’d Up | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Clelin Ferrell mic’d up vs. Chargers | Mic’d Up | Raiders

Watch and listen to defensive end Clelin Ferrell as he was mic'd up during our Week 16 win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Brayden Sanchez


Susan Henry


TigerTony 77

Please let then make playoffs

    Brad Lamb

    Texans won’t win. Ravens probably will

    TigerTony 77

    Brad Lamb let’s just see


96 is gonna be great in 2020!

    Marcos Lopez

    I think he’s been just fine in 19′ I understand he was a high pick but there is always a learning curve and hes gonna be a all around great player.

    West Coastin'

    Like with Kolton Miller, we’ve all ate our words about him last year. Ferrell is gonna be just fine

    D S

    He played a lot of interior DLine and his run defense numbers are more than solid, the pass rushing will come

    Robert Jackman

    D S pass rush is already there.
    He’s got .5 sacks MORE than Mack did his rookie yr.

    And he’s still got one more game

    D S

    Robert Jackman agreed on the Mack front. Comparing him to Josh Allen (many thought he would be our pick at 4) the pass rush leaves something to be desired in the eyes of some giving he has double the amount of sacks.

Town Bidnezz


Jonny Augz

It would be crazy to make the playoff and make a little run after all that’s happened this season. All we can do now is just win baby.

Eduardo Mendez

Three years ago Derek Carr broke his leg on Christmas eve and of course we lost in our first playoff game.. All I want for Christmas is a Raiders win with the chance to go to the playoffs!!
The Raiders Nation deserves it!!

    Marcos Lopez

    The two games he got hurt that year my wife went to the in laws (whom are niner fans) I stayed home both times and watched the game by myself. I never done that again since.

Beau Long

” This whole stadium *Black* “Now that’s loyalty, in LA still a Home game.. RN4L💀💀💀💀

Danny Reyes

He gained his weight back

M Allen

Trade UP for Isiah Simmons…got to get that kid in Silver and Black…he’s the next LT

Alexander Chavez

Needs to gets better but you see improvement every week with him, he’s that long investment give it one or two more years and he’s going to really start making people understand why he was taken so high.

    buhfme- R6 Gaming

    Alexander Chavez hes doing great mainly Bc he’s a natural stop the run d-end not a pass rusher like max crosby

    Alexander Chavez

    buhfme- R6 Gaming love the guy but a defense end needs to be able to do both. He’s gotta develop, we need to give him time to grow and get better

Angel Galvan

All I want for Christmas is A win next Sunday game in Denver …..And I hope Pittsburgh and. Tennessee. Lose And Indiana win

bill hawk

Ferrell will be fine just sit back n watch!

Real Richmond

“Oh….it’s the fed’s”😂

ricky worthington

I like how he’s telling everyone he’s mic’d up like h’s contagious or something lol

Jordan Purpdrank

cle loves to play against the chargers

Nolan Steurer

Dang I wanted to see his reaction to Renfrow’s td

Emilio Fernandez

Got the Season Sweep Baby!!! All about the Silever & Black

Ruben Moreno

Ferrell has the same sacks as mack in his rookie year this guy gonna be a beast


Ferrell: I’m mic up
Mauro: oh the feds 😂😂

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