Breaking Down Hunter Renfrow’s Best Plays vs. Chargers | Raiders Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down Hunter Renfrow’s Best Plays vs. Chargers | Raiders Review

In this week's Raiders Review, former Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down the performance from wide receiver Hunter Renfrow in the victory against the Chargers.

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Dane Bowen

small body massive heart

Charles Hutton

Kudos to Prof. Lincoln Kennedy for focusing on our local hero in South Cackolack, Socastee and Clemson’s own Hunter Renfrow!! So proud of him and the comeback.

Lost Smoke

Great breakdown. Miss you on the field Lincoln. Hey Lincoln, do you have an opinion on Rich Gannon as a QB? I’m biased because I watched him play as a Blue Hen at the University of Delaware. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. Thanks – Chris G

    John Smith

    He’s not going to read this lol. Gannon was the Raiders best quarterback, and he and Kennedy went to the playoffs 3 times and a Super Bowl so I’m sure he’d have nothing but good things to say about Rich. It’s unfortunate that we got him so late in his career and Derrik Brooks ended his career with a dirty hit to the head in 2003. This is the same Derrik Brooks that was in charge of Vontaze Burfict’s suspension.

Roosevelt Winters

Thanks for the picture at Phoenix airport Professor Kennedy

bill hawk

Love Renfrow! An this rookie class Cannot wait to see Abrams healthy an what’s added this upcoming year!


Man I love Renfrow, can’t wait for him to pack on some more muscle in the offseason. Julian Edelman 2.0

OC Run

Love your intelligent breakdowns Big Linc. Renfrow is becoming one of my favorite Raiders. I was already amazed at how a guy with his measurables could be so productive. Add in the rib injury and punctured lung and he epitomizes throw back gridiron toughness.


Hunter is a Rookie, and a Damn BEAST!!!! He is tough as they come along with Josh Jacobs. They may get hurt but they will not come out of a game unless they are pulled. They are BOTH OLD SCHOOL football players. Abrams must just be churning as he can hardly wait to come play ball on the other side of the ball, especially seeing how great the rookie class is playing on defense. I`m excited for our future. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

Edward Saucedo

Raiders have a chance to make playoffs still. Need steelers and titans to lose plus win over denver.

    Johnny Utah

    Also need Colts to win…plus The Raiders would still have to beat Pittsburgh on “strength of victory,” a calculation they currently lead in. For Oakland to maintain that lead, the Raiders need any of the following teams to win or tie in Week 17: the Patriots, Lions, Chargers or Bears.


What a difference it makes to have Renfrow on the field. That cheap shot that broke his rib and punctured his lung cost the Raiders dearly. It’s amazing how one guy can have such a huge impact on the game. Carr, Waller, Moreau, Renfrow, and Jacobs. All they need now are better #1 and #2 receivers and they’ll be tough to deal with in the future.


Third And Renfrow Activated

Josiah Hernandezz

I like how is there no dislike on this vid Raider Nation


who the hell down voted?

Oscar Carlos

Man if DC had a true #1 receiver


    He’d stare him down and then dump off to the the rb late for a 1yd gain or the rb gets killed

    Robert Jackman

    BoKnows1978 you really sound dumb.
    Stats show Carr is third in league at passing for a 1st down when throwing on 3rd down.

    The data nor film doesn’t support your narrative of him “staring down WRs”
    He’s one of the best at looking off defenders

Ace Hardy


Matthew Alarcon

He reminds me of a young Wes welker 💪🏼

Say When

5th Round draft pick Hunter Renfrow is the *BEST WR* we’ve got, .. stew on that as we go into the off season.

Greg Gillings

Kudos to Mike Mayock. Not bad for a 5th round pick. Seth Robert’s was supposed to be this guy, and he was briefly but nowhere near the route running ability or hands. Renfrow knows how to get open against man or zone.

Al HassanT

3rd and RENFROW!

John Coontas

But their defense is terrible.

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