Coach Gruden on Josh Jacobs’ Injury Status, Adding RB Rod Smith | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden on Josh Jacobs’ Injury Status, Adding RB Rod Smith | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden discusses running back Josh Jacobs' injury status, adding running back Rod Smith, facing the Jaguars, and more.

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    Neighborhood Sancho


    Rafi Mazmanian


    Neighborhood Sancho

    Rafi Mazmanian FaiderNFL


Hire Ron Rivera


    I think hes gonna be a headcoah

    Jovany H

    warke They should. We need good guys like Rivera in this team. Guys that are willing to give it their best.

    Kevin J

    @Weed&Hoes he might get an offer, but it’s not smart for teams to offer him another head coaching job. He’s not a good head coach, but he sure as hell is a good defensive coordinator.


Good sign with Rod Smith.

Kevin J

Hire Jay Gruden for offensive coordinator and hire Ron Rivera for defensive coordinator.


    Ron gonna get a head coach position

    Real Richmond

    @Robert Smith to be honest without any recievers that are worth a damn and having only a rb and a tight end in whaler , how could he throw to anyone when they cant get out of coverages?! I cant blame carr because I’ve played football and I know what it’s like when no ones open and you have a 7 giant man army looking to rip your head off . He is a great QB he just doesnt have the talent he had in 2016 at the reciever position.

    Top1c _

    Robert Smith everyone who’s ever played for Gruden said it’s the most complicated to run and learn because of all the options in each play. Carr is having to overthink every single play and you can tell he’s mentally drained out there. Let’s also not forget this offense was designed around AB. So not having a true #1 makes it an even harder offense to run.

    Joshua scott

    @zeek doubt it

    Jovany H

    Kevin J that’s exactly what I’m hoping for lol 😂 I hope they do that.

Michael Marchant

Let Jacobs play… the dude was literally crying last week cuz he couldn’t play he’s so fun to watch and is a huge part of our offense let him finish the year

    Michael Marchant

    chris strong I’m scared of that to and it’s a shame… every bell cow RB is banged up doesn’t mean they can’t play he can play, he ran all over KC no problem last game he played, let him finish the season and let him heal in the offseason

    Real Richmond

    @Michael Marchant it seems like they are purposely trying to not let josh Jacob’s get r.o.y. by not letting him play and leaving it to the medical staff. He should be able to sign a waiver of liability and play against medical advice waiver also.

    myers •

    I really do not want to see him get hurt worse than he is an be fucked for training camp and possibly the 2020 season

    Jose Perales

    Michael Marchant he’s playing. Gruden NEEDS this last win and I still feel we will win out.

    Robert Dore

    …his injury needs to heal. Remember this is not a Marcus Allen/ Bo Jackson/ Eric Dickerson situation, we only have one premium RB and no viable option at half back… think of the future….

Johnny Martinez

Darrel Worley is trash!!!!

    Buzz Killington

    Johnny Martinez false, he’s one of the better and more consistent players on the defense. You’re just mad over the 91 yard td he missed a tackle on.

    Like a Glove

    @Buzz Killington he’s boom or bust. I always thought he’s more of a safety then a corner though.

Six Foot Four Mike

Fire Paul Gunther

    Real Richmond

    Fire him at the end of the 4th quarter of this home game and I will be happy

Casey Canez

Worley is trash

    Daniel Laplaca

    Who else do we have to replace him

    JON a

    No 🧢

    Joshua scott

    @Daniel Laplaca ik lawson cant catch but hes better than worley

    Joshua scott

    @JON a but he is trash

    Scrap life Trash to cash

    @Daniel Laplaca Isaiah Johnson is 100 times faster and better then Worley

Joseph Leighton

What a year.

Anthony Mangum

Gruden needs to get rid of that 90’s style offence and open it up and Carr needs to use his own brain and not listen to gruden so much

    Isaiah Barajas

    @Tyger King of kings yeah you’re opinion isn’t valid nor is it a smart one lol

    Robert Dore

    Carr is clearly a bright guy with a Football brain, but sadly Derek is a (COMPANY MAN) and won’t do a thing to harm his contractual position. We have a LOT of people like that where I work.

    Matt Labruna

    Brad Johnson and rich Gannon were fine in his offense. Granted better teams around them then carr, but they made the right decisions when needed. CARR is shot. Hes a head case. Over thinks everything. Way to caught up in his position in life, tr ather than actually playing the position. Nice guy, but will never win with him. Gotta go

    My Name is Gladiator

    Gruden’s offense sucks now just like it used to suck.

    My Name is Gladiator

    @Tyger King of kings “Carr is trash” – what a stupid, stupid statement.

Daniel Laplaca

Let’s go get Odell Beckham

    Neighborhood Sancho

    Another drama queen ?

    My Name is Gladiator

    Let’s go get CeeDee Lamb. He’s the next superstar wr in the NFL.

Paul Carter

You can see on his face that he’s hating life! All the injuries he’s been dealing with. That team is not the one he was prepared to role with. That sucks. I feel for gruden. I hope they can win the last game in Oakland

    Robert Dore

    You’er right Paul, Chuckie looks very irritated, the importance of the last game cannot be underestimated the players owe it to the Nation to leave the Oakland Cathedral on a high note. so pleased that I was able to make it out the the Bay area and catch a few games before the move to Las Vegas.


Interesting body language – that enduring half smirk. Gruden looks like the cat that swallowed the canary – either that or it’s a dead-man-walking look, putting up a defiant front while awaiting the inevitable..

javier arreola

Do not use Jacobs anymore. There is nothing to gain anymore and there is no reason to risk him with a major injury. Seaon is over, anothet very disappointed year. Garbage

Mario Mallobox

Are you ready to lose the next three games because the way the girls are Playing they’re not getting the job done..
Predicted a six and 10 season at the beginning of the year

    Tyger King of kings


    Isaiah Barajas

    That’s not too bad considering the fact we’re still in a rebuilding process

    Robert Dore

    Can you give me the Mega Millions number too please?

    My Name is Gladiator

    The season didn’t start last Sunday at 4:30PM. 😉


Nick Nelson was a solid nickle corner for us. Play Joyner at safety and see if Nelson can be our guy at nickle

    FoeReaper 4000

    Thats exactly what they’re doing especially since they dropped Swearinger


    @FoeReaper 4000 nope gruden says that joyner is the nickel and worley is playing safety he says it in presser


This is the same crap that has been happening every year since 2003, with the exception of 2016, just different personnel. Horrible defense and pathetic offense collapsing at the end of the season. As long as Davis is the owner this is what you get. Inheriting a team does not make you qualified to run a football organization. McKensie or Mayock, Allen, Del Rio or Gruden they all start off with a lot of hype then crash and burn. Davis has no clue what he’s doing. The Gruden hire didn’t take a lot of thought or analysis. Davis hired Gruden because he had success with his dad. That’s it. That is no guarantee that he will have success again. Gunther’s defense gave up 600 yards against the Titans and he was Gruden’s top choice for DC. This is going end the same way it’s ended for the last 16 years. New ownership is the only way this will ever change.


    steelyblues Yep, need to get rid of Mark Davis, plus should have stayed in Oakland.

    Tyger King of kings

    @CorvetteLS7427 I agree 1000%

    Robert Dore

    @CorvetteLS7427 …and replace Davis with ?????? As for Oakland, equal blame must lay with Alameda County, This is a very similar situation to the Dodgers and Giants in the last century.

    Jose Perales

    You can’t undo 15 years of dysfunction overnight. Last year we were what 2-11 at this point. We have young promising players, still a good draft coming up, cap space, new stadium. Gruden is admittedly rusty and needs to adjust better, for Mayock’s first year he Aced this draft and a full year to asses the draft and things will get better. We’ve already got waited this long what’s another year? Stay the course!


    Jose Perales Eight of those 15 years of dysfunction have happened with this current ownership. We have heard all of this before. McKensie had a great draft. Dennis Allen is the next great HC. If you have incompetent ownership then you won’t make the right hires. It should not take more than eight years to get your act together. The 49ers hit rock bottom with Tomsula and Kelly and were as dysfunctional as it gets. Three years later they are the best team in the NFC and a legitimate SB contender. The fact is Davis is incompetent and doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to make good hiring decisions. These same problems will keep happening as long as Davis is involved with the team.

Ricardo Duran

What happened to CB Isaiah Johnson?? I was looking forward to him

Doe Tamayo

Minshews gonna look like brunell

My Name is Gladiator

“A lot of Ferrell’s production is production knows about.”
Yeah we get that. It’s so unseen, it’s not even on film.

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