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No where Man!


Nathan Walsh

It’s amazing to think of all the H.O.F. players and H.O.F. teams that have stepped on that field. The history of the NFL lives in that stadium. You can probly here the spirits talk to each other at night when the lights are off.

    Robert Dore

    Didn’t you just quote John Madden’s HOF speech?

Joshua scott

Worley ur trash u got burnt alot this season

    Joshua scott

    @Elijah Delgado i could be wring

    Dwayne Johnson

    Joshua scott you are wrong bro he’s gotten burned 3 times all season some cbs get burnt 3 times in one game

    Elijah Delgado

    Dwayne Johnson ya that’s what I’m saying lmao

    Elijah Delgado

    Joshua scott it’s not our corners that are bad. It’s our linebackers. You see in every deep catch they have it’s cuz of the linebackers. There’s so many broken coverages on their part

    kamui Cage

    I was at the game Worley looked sooo bad

Elijah Delgado

This dudes amazing at what he does. People say he’s a problem on the secondary and I disagree. Look at Stats!! No one is as humble and good as this dude. Hard to be the best when you can’t rely on the people around you. Stop the hate on this dude! Raider Nation!

    Theo Schommer

    Dude, he is absolutely not the best. You are delusional if you think so lol.

    Dwayne Johnson

    Theo Schommer he’s done his job better than a lot of other corners in the league your delusional if you say he’s not good

    Elijah Delgado

    Theo Schommer I never said he was the best lol

    Elijah Delgado

    Theo Schommer our problem on defense is our Linebacker Core. I see them getting serious upgrade this off season. That and Paul Guenther. You can’t blame our Corners lmao. Mullen is a rookie and is better then half in the league rn. Same with Worley. Don’t believe me it’s all in stats lol. But never did I say he was the best Corner in the league

Ralph Pimentel

“Just Win Baby” nuff said

Leon Florence

Need 1 more corner above him on the depth chart. And that’s not me hating I like Worley and hope we re-sign him


Worley’s barber doing him good


They removed my comment wow

bill hawk

Look for me I’ll be diving at people’s feet as they run by me!

Joshua scott

We place at saftey

Watts Raider

U all good Worley u be trying

kamui Cage

I was at the Raiders Titans game Worley was getting beat on every play so was all the LBs . we need speed and coverage ability at the LB position and cut all the guys we have now

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