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Anthony Prieto

Come on do better win this jj

ivan urias

The Raiders Will destroy the Jaguars just like the Chargers. They get to 7-7 but unless they win out they are out

    Joshua scott

    @Kevin J i want to prove wrong

    Robert Smith

    even if they get to the far would they go against powerhouse teams…this guy has pissed away our season already..but he can laugh and joke because he’s got his money…

    Shoot The Moon

    Raiders haven’t destroyed anyone this year. Our biggest win was 8 points

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Joshua scott Nah Raiders are winning this game 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Robert Smith it don’t matter as long as they make the playoffs 🤦🏾‍♂️ Carr never had a playoff game and would’ve if it wasn’t for the injury in 2016

Thomas Latimer

Can’t wait to watch you throw checkdowns after you sense some pressure

    Joshua scott

    @Kevin J i aree with your comment

    Kevin J

    @Joshua scott especially with that scenario, if Carr cant get it done after being supplied better recievers, the new QB we Draft whoever it might be will have tons of talent to start with

    Stepheon Norris


    kamui Cage


    You can blame the Wrs all you want Carr is an average Qb we wont win the division or make the playoffs going against Mahomes twice a year

    Kevin J

    @Stepheon Norris JuJu isn’t bad, and they also have a defense that is leading the league with the most takeaways.

Heartofachild O.A.

#4 Sir we got your back, Get this WIN last home Game. Dream Job RAIDERS QB! Let’s make it count RAIDER NATION STAND UP!!
DC jump in the black hole with the WIN!


    You got that right!


    Heartofachild O.A. Amen

    Rafi Mazmanian

    RN4L !!!!!



Miguel Ruiz

We have been blown out three straight times with no urgency to win. I love my team to death but I have a bad feeling the jags will blow us out again

    Robert Smith

    Miguel..until Gruden lays out a game plan and makes halftime adjustments to that gameplan…along with showing different setsthis team will never win..couple that with the defense being terrible and Gunther being a lousey defensive coach..we will be hampered…Gruden will not be going anywhere..100 million dollars and all..but they need to get rid of Olsen anmd gunther..and either get rid of Carr or get some extra talented playmakers to help him limp across the finish line…look at this interview..he jokes and hucks it up but he should be ashamed of his terrible play!!!

Tracy Wacker

flying in for the game this week. stoked and sad. thank you people and fans of Oakland for all the great memories. where is a good place for tacos?


    Tracy Wacker anywhere in Oakland is 🔥

    Oscar E. Yerena

    @tracy just walk around the tailgate plenty of people willing to give people food and beer. It’s like a big warm family. And I could only imagine it’s going to be 10x more like that this coming sunday

Mike lee

I think Gruden is testing people . Not on who they are but who they can be.

Randy Rodriguez

If you know, you know. You know?


Win or lose I’ll always rep the silver and black grew up my whole life being a raiders fan


    @Neighborhood Sancho thanks sweety for the attention it warms my heart knowing you took time to reply

    Neighborhood Sancho

    Kaosick812 lmfao too bad the faiders won’t warm your heart 😆..for another eternity FaiderNFL


    @Neighborhood Sancho you really love that pun..I’ll give you credit for sticking with it…now I’ll wait for you to say something with faider in it

    Neighborhood Sancho

    Kaosick812 Faiders is all they are nothing more nothing less ..they were supposed to be in the super bowl hunt this year lmfao 😆

    WildAl Mayhem

    I feel your pain…

Junior Melgoza

Defense needs to win this game for the Nation.

    Taco Clan

    Junior Melgoza ya our defense will win the game for yall😂


Just friggin bench this guy already. Great guy, father, son, etc… Football player…. FOOTBALL player. He f’n sucks…


    Even if you’re on the side of replacing Carr with a new QB, benching Carr would be a bad idea as that would only lower his trade value. The best thing for Chucky to do, if he and Mayock are planning a trade, is to make it seem like he has all the confidence in the world in Carr. Like Mayock said last year, everyone is on the table. He just wants to get the best deal he can get.

WildAl Mayhem

Carr’s plan is to throw the ball away in 2 sec to nullify the Jag’s defense. I’ll be pleasantly shocked if we win even one more game in 2019.

Peter Nunez

I see his smiling and lack of concern disturbing… It’s the last game at Oakland come in should be crazy excited, pressured and embrace the pressure.

KV Bradford

I’ve seen this happen before Oh, unfortunately I don’t think the Raiders will win another game this season. Derek Carr sucks we need a new quarterback with our new stadium


What a joke. Three years ago we are like next year. The year after that…next year yeah next year…..the year after that …oh next year

    Felipe Andrade

    C H three years ago??? This is how it’s been for almost 2 decades!

    K Hasan

    I’ve been down since the 80’s and it’s been tough for decades watching this subpar bs play!

Ruben Rivera

Let it fly, And never doubt the competitor in you 💯 just win baby.

Rafael Garcia

raiders need faster linebackers that can cover these new Athletic tight ends n blitz the quarterback. Defensive coordinator has to go.

John Benz

Hope we don’t get blown out by the jags too

Knackered Irishman

I have to believe, with the WR I will not name, along with not losing all of our starting LB core cb’s and staring safeties along with having the most ludicrous traveling schedule in NFL history, we could possibly have won 2 more games at this point, jets and the first KC game when they scored 21 in the second quarter. Blaming everything on Carr is just a scapegoat. With a defense not giving up so many yards and points, the offense is allowed to play within itself, however, when the D allows 2-3 TD’s on consecutive possessions against quality NFL teams, that forces your offense and QB to play from behind and takes our philosophy of ground and pound with play action pass and tosses it right out the window. Does Carr make me scratch my head sometimes, hell yes, BUT, is he the core of the problem, HELL no. Many QB’s have won without being Drew Brees just by having an above average defense and a solid time controlled offense. How many SB’s do you think Payton Manning would have won in Indy if that dude had a top 10 defense?

Ray Ray Dewitt

This Man is a Champion

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