Coach Fangio on improving defense: ‘We didn’t give up when we weren’t getting [takeaways]’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Thomas Breen

First comment

kois kois

We on the top of the world right now, First,BTW

Angelo Cisneros




Broncos Country

8-8 wild card here we come

    Sam A

    1% chance


    Sam A that one matters,won’t guarantee a wild card spot but it’s 1 and a dream.

    Bryndan Frazier

    That would be mind blowing if it went down like that 😂

    liberal hater

    I wish u were right

Carter Weiss

This team next year though 😦😦😦 watch out kc we coming for that title

    Bryndan Frazier

    There is definitely a lot of reasons to have hope next season. We do need some lineman though if we are going to do anything

    Riley Anderson

    Bryndan Frazier and maybe a solid #2 wr

    Bryndan Frazier

    @Riley Anderson I like Tim Patrick but it never hurts to bring in more talent

Christian Jimenez

Someone should make a compilation of Fangios breaths

    Mike Who

    Christian Jimenez right 😂 heavy D


Vic’s the type of guy to wear a gray sweatsuit to his wedding

    Todd Smith

    Just like me. Lol

Whistlepig Neat

Am I the only one worried about Fangio’s breathing and apparent shortness of breath?

    Jose Calderon

    I noticed when he started talking. Hopefully it was just running up to talk.

Bobby Vincent

How cool was that to hear coach give Tyreek Hill that kind of endorsement. Go Broncos!

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