Scangarello on helping QB Drew Lock: ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to make him great’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Just N/A

I hope he gets extension. You know kinda like Tom Brady and Josh McDaniel type of Bros but better

    Weston Schmid

    Just N/A that was the worst possible comparison you could’ve done

    Just N/A

    @Weston Schmid sorry I made you offended.

    Jose Johnson

    @Just N/A Yeah that would be good for the development of Drew Lock and for consistency 🤠

Denver Fan

I think it’s atrocious people want Scangs fired 🤦‍♂️ he has consistency issues throughout the game staying aggressive, but he is one of the best play designers in all of football this year. He’s a quarterback whisperer and puts every player in the best position to succeed. And he’s just a FIRT YEAR OC. He will be elite and maybe end up a HC candidate for a team in the future. We also need to keep the offensive staff consistent to help the development of Drew Lock.


    Where were you saying this before the Texans or charger game?

    Steven Soco

    Denver Fan totally agree…talk radio just has to stir something up every day and some people take it seriously. Then there’s YouTube, Facebook etc… ignorance rules the world … football is just a small part of it.

    Dfgcc Gggff

    As much as he frustrates me you are right

    Denver Fan

    joey86bu1 hard to be ranked high when you have two work with Joe Flacco…

    Denver Fan

    Shake I was never on the fire Scangs train, but I was sold on him after the Browns game. I couldn’t blame him for anything because of how anemic Joe Flacco was.



Jose Calderon

He’s going to be a really good OC coach. He’s not going anywhere.


He speaks very highly of his qb! As it should be

Flippant Booch

i noticed

Flippant Booch

drew made extremely incredible throws

Flippant Booch

drews throws dont get tupped cus he takes steps back from the rush

John Seneff

You have my permission to score 4 tds a quarter!!!##!😎👍👍😎

Nak Attack

Give him a chance.

David Lee

I wasn’t feeling him much at first but since he actually now has a qb to run his offense Denver’s been calling some nice plays

Zachary Couch

I think overall He needs to do a better job especially in the 2nd half but firing him is a horrible idea, not only does the entire offense have to learn a new scheme again but It’s obvious Drew Look is comfortable in this scheme, If we could play better in the 2nd half we would be really hard to beat

Major Tom

Love to see the Arrowhead stadium half Lee’s Summit & Missouri Tigers Black & Gold, how hilarious would that be ! Weather 28 with flurries, was hoping for a beautiful day to see these two quarterbacks throw it all around the yard ! Waiting for this match up since draft day ! Have a great game Phillip ! MIZzou Bronco Nation !

Steven Soco

Noah Fant is sorta quietly heading towards stardom. It will really help Sutton if we have another consistent pass catcher…

Binx Negale


Ethan Andrew

So that’s what he looks like.

Jax L

lmao he has a lil bit of gruden face

Festive Cringe

Best 1st half OC in the league

Bobby Parks

I hope he meant he will do whatever it will take to make drew lock up his hip and get hit so hard that by the time drew wakes up he finds out that Trevor Lawrence is the QB for the Denver broncos and that he already won a Superbowl ……I can dream can’t I ?????


Luckily the Broncos have Joe Flacco to help guide Drew Lock to success.

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