Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer talks with the media on Thursday during week 15 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Adam Martinez

Let’s hope he does better then last weeks embarrassment

    Frederick Jacobson

    He tends to bounce back.


We need a new Center, nothing agains Hunt, but we need to find a big guy, and Ifedi….can we please move on??


    Why? Hunt is doing great and ifedi has played well. Trying to find a replacement tackle isn’t easy.

    vashon king

    Ethan will be the starting center next yr. Britt will be cut due to his 11 mil salary. Ifedi will sign with another team hasn’t proven to be reliable for big payday. Look for fant to take his place

    Theblonde Potatokid

    vashon king what about hunt


    Hint is doing great. Imo, better than britt

    vashon king

    @Theblonde Potatokid hunts is doing well. He will not be the starting center next season. Ethan or Roos

vashon king

He’s so full of 💩 he can’t get creative with his plays/play calling. 4th down throws to tuner instead of gordon. 31 other teams know what we gonna do. Need to throw them off sometime.

    Jacob Shamloo

    As if Malik is more well known the flash 😂😅

    vashon king

    @Jacob Shamloo I worded it wrong. I meant throws to Turner instead of gordon


Somehow he looks 10 years younger WITHOUT the white hat 🤷🏻

Aniceto Sanchez

Just help us win…. 🙏.. Go Seahawks!!!

AJ Castro

Throw the ball! Except on the dang 1yd line!

The Pickle zone

Go schott!! Let’s be 11-3 and dominate the panthers!! Please coach make smart play calls Schott

Clorox Bleach


Consumer -114

How about throwing to DK metcalf when he is wide open and not throwing to lockett when he is covered by 2 might help just saying

ry tvdinners

I’m bothered by the statement we didn’t know the game was going to go this way I mean really you thought they were not going to show up and play also known as no plan B? That means the game plan like a lot of those passes was incomplete

    lj j

    I think he means penny gettn injured n how the left tackle n right tackle got beat so frequently made it tough for Russ to throw deep.but Russ coulda done better

Carlos Urena

How can this man be so predictable. You have such a great QB , be smart and utilize him as such, you know how many offensive coordinator in the NFL would salivate to have Russell under center because of the many things they can do with him. I know Cris Carson is a stud but the offense has to run through Russell Wilson he has to be in a rhythm first and then incorporate the run

William Vang

Let’s go Hawks!! 11-2 bring home a W!!


    You can’t erase losses, lech.

    Capo King

    this guy doesn’t really watch football.

    William Vang

    Yeah right, I always watch football on my phone and if Sunday Night Football.

    William Vang

    @TerrorWest Did you watch football and a follow-up on their social media.

Jordan Salinas

GO HAWKS. And coach we need better plays. Come on step it up. God bless.


Team is passionless succubi.

Jordan Salinas

Put in Travis Homer man. He’s got speed like penny. Cj’s alright but nah looks weak to me put in Homer man come on coach seriously

Ben Adek

Seattle is stuck in their old ways . They’re gonna keep forcing the run and not be creative and throw the hall more . Even Nate carroll the wide receiver coach for the Seahawks said they’re not a passing team. So what’s the point of having josh Gordon or even Russell Wilson if you’re just gonna keep running the ball . Might as well revert to the wishbone offense since the Seahawks coaching staff can’t seem to be creative enough to attack defenses through the air smh.

Frederick Jacobson

Schotty can be frustrating, but he’s a good coordinator. Bailed us out of a lot of games early on when the D really struggled. Hoping to see more up-tempo!

lj j

Think we play against Panthers I’d rest jadevon n play ziggy

Kilroy Gonzalez

C’mon Shotty time to stop playing checkers and start playing chess

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