Coach Fangio on Drew Lock’s performance in #DENvsHOU: ‘He played, obviously, very well’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bryce C Reply

Hope…… Broncos country we finally have hope!!!

    just just no Reply

    Bryce C no… don’t do that… don’t give me hope

dallashood67 Reply


    Fernando ! Reply

    dallashood67 dead

    Pounds J Reply


pj on mobile Reply

I thought coach was serious on him playing just okay 😂

EcoTrack 4 Reply

I’m excited for this teams future!

CA Sports Reply

Good win let’s go

Will Nobles Reply

Great young core to build on. Lock, Sutton, Fant, Lindsey, Risner on offense and Simmons, Jackson, Shelby Harris, Chubb on defense. Future is bright. Lock looking like Elway back there running the bootleg, scrambling to make a play and throwing side arm

    JR Thomas Reply

    Will Nobles still can’t leave Von out. He will stay with the Broncos and come back strong next season

Binx Negale Reply

Shoot atleast lock looked better than Baby joe washed up flacco an B Allen.

TTVbtw Reply

Mike feeling stupid after that comment.

    Ben Reply

    As he should lol

Mark Teixeira Reply

This is the look of a coach who knows he’s found a qb who isn’t going to get him fired.

    Micheal Smith Reply

    Far too early to say that.

    Kung Fu Junkie Reply

    @Micheal Smith no its not, we all see the potential in this QB when the last time this team scored 38 points against a playoff bound team?

    Pounds J Reply

    @Kung Fu Junkie when was the last time this team scored 38 points period?

    Bobby Tucker Reply


    Christopher Camden Reply

    so far so good looking forward to next year we will see then


Drew’s the future.

Flippant Booch Reply

this is what we needed since the start of the season. next season u better watch out for these broncos they aint playing.

Tim H Reply

Great 1st half from Lock, and looks the future at QB for us…still got that dreadful 4th quarter hoo-doo over us though. Great win boys!!

John Seneff Reply

Way to go coach, i take back what i said . great game!!!!!#!

MXNB Reply

“Why didn’t you start him sooner” Fangio- well he was on IR” 😂😂

    armynet191 Reply

    I look at it like we played it just right-
    Translation= I dont care what you think!

    Jullien Zinn Reply

    Vic and elway you should keep drew lock the starter next year ifhedoes good the next 3 games

    Jullien Zinn Reply

    We probably would be 7and – 6

John Waide Reply

The play calling was better and much more agressive. I hope that the aggressiveness in the play calling continues moving forward.

Jack Neiman Reply

He was on IR Mike

D J Reply


    Neboviews Reply

    Yeah, the audio guy needs to get cut!

    Josh Griffin Reply

    Just listen closer

    PRHILL9696 Reply

    @Neboviews we have the same issue with the bears here in Chicago too. But then we dont want to hear the clowns in the media here

Boooman Reply

RICH finally called a complete game (Good job)

Eric M Reply

I’m a die hard Chiefs fan BUT love Drew Lock being from MIZZOU. I enjoy seeing Lock play well & a good thing for Broncos fans to look forward too.

    Major Tom Reply

    Would love to see a lot of Missouri black & gold at the game, Drew’s home town, should be a hell of a welcome, he always dreamed of being a Chief until they drafted Mahomes ? MIZ

Klaus Klaus Reply

That Von offside call was wrong… he jumped perfectly…. now the reffs called him 3 sacks back this season…

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