Drew Lock: ‘We were ready to rock and roll from the get-go’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Daily Dad

It’s now officially Lock Country.

    Daily Dad

    It’s Lock Country we understand some GAMES will be bad. We needed to know he could be the guy. All players have good and bad games. You hope to have more good than bad. 👍🏼

    Michael Lemos

    @Daily Dad oh I agree, I’m fully in as well, I see he has the skill set and not it is about growing.

    Jay Graham

    @Daily Dad I think he is it

    Trippie Redd

    Now imagine if denver just stuck with lock from the start? Winning record? Yes. Playoff team? Maybe.

    Eduardo Lopez

    Trippie Redd nah man he needed the time to prepare.

Johnny 3laze

The quarterback carousel has STOPPED….it’s LOCKED down!

    Drowsy Waters

    @Johnny 3laze The game plan was spot on today. OC deserves some of that. DL had a great game today. I’ve been through this enough to take baby steps with expectations.

    Johnny 3laze

    @Drowsy Waters agreed, scangarello saved his job today

    StrayCO 303720

    @Drowsy Waters yes Rookie QB. An even better record is he’s the first rookie QB ever in the NFL to pass for 3 TDs and throw for over 300 yards in his first road game.

    Drowsy Waters

    @StrayCO 303720 Well that’s a stat I can’t even be grouchy about. Nice!


    He was locked in to the game plan

Mike Oz

I have been trying to tell people how talented he was/is since a few months before the draft. He is the one. 🐴🐔🔒

    kuna coins

    this kid is the real deal

    brandon saucier

    Would not have been mad if he was pick #10. Was hoping for it. But I think it all worked out perfectly. Got three great players with the first three picks. One who was already familiar with Lock in Risner. And he has a chip on his shoulder to go with the Uber talented swag. If he keeps grinding and stays humble we got future G.O.A.T

    Pounds J


    Justin Sweet

    Same told everybody before the draft that this kid was the best QB… pretty sure he’s gonna be in Denver for a long while


    The dude threw for over 12,000 yards and 99 tds in the SEC…dont know why people are surprised or doubtful this kids the real deal


Broncos might have something with this lock . Not gonna speak too early.

    Steven Soco

    Keep that philosophy if (when) he has a few bad games (don’t speak too early).

Brian Willms

I hope QB is Lock’d down! I really like the kid. Besides the great play so far I appreciate how he handles himself at his pressers. Confident, intelligent, articulate, charming and full of swag! Here’s to Drew Lock being the guy!!!

    Eva Kiner

    very likeable young man!!


Time to get a Lock Jersey. He will be around for awhile now.

    James Harden

    pfeiffdog0811 bandwagon

    Robert Lawson

    @James Harden what??? He just became the starter. He is literally buying in at the start, the opposite of bandwagon.

    Steven Soco

    Robert Lawson actually, there those of us who have been all in on Lock since he was drafted (and putting up with Lynch comparisons etc).

    You just now like Drew, you’re hopping on the bandwagon for sure. Those are the guys who want to cut him when he has the inevitable bad games. (Like Elway had, like Manning had, like Brady JUST HAD).

    Drew is the man going forward. If we get a top ten, Phillip Rivers-like career from him that will be HUGE.

Nazita English

He got the qp postion locked ⬆ finally I’m hopefull next year inprove o line WR opp court we can be playoff next year

    Paty Perez

    Nazita English need a top receiver like Lamb and then maybe a corner oline

Chris Millan

We need to see how he play in a full season if he play like he play in a full season we would have a better record

joe mares

We mite got something here boys! We deserve us a qb thank u lord

Gabe Blea

Onto the Kansas City Chiefs! Let’s go Broncos #DB4L #LOCKEDDOWN


He’s got that gleam in his eye! You either got it or you don’t, and this kid’s got it!

    Leo Jaramillo


Hunter Livie

I swear if he goes into Kansas City and beats the Chiefs I will LOSE my mind…

    J Day

    Bro you not lying!!! Ima fall out lol

    James Allen

    He had some great plays, but ALOT of help. Same as last week. I have confidence this is our guy, but I’m cautious to getting overly excited too early. Next year will be exciting going into especially getting our guys back from injury. It’s been a long time since this offense was fun to watch. It was painful for a long time. Let’s go boys and finish this season out!

    J Day

    @James Allen oh for sure!! Can’t to over zealous but damn were still happy lol

    Sports Braa

    Hunter Livie RIGHT!!! Toooo 🔥

    billny thehighestguy

    I would lose my mind too


Ladies and gentleman we have ourselves a qb


“I wouldn’t say it was easy.”

I would.

Today vs. the Texans was one of the first times I’ve ever seen a rookie in the NFL have playing QB against a good team genuinely look easy to him.

Like yeah he threw an interception, but he was DICING them.

    Steven Soco

    Texans are terrible on defense, like 27th or around there. It won’t always be like this.

Osbaldo Espinoza

“Gotta bring back some legends sometimes”

KingL7 7LKing

Man can’t believe I’m excited even though we got 8 losses. Finally a QB worth watching as a Bronco fan. Let’s go

KingL7 7LKing

He got confidence and swagg, all the QB after Manning had no confidence. Let’s go


This is the only interview I’ve ever watched of this kid and I can tell he is extremely dialed into the game. He is sleeping eating and breathing the offensive game plan and that is unusual for a rookie.

I’m excited for the future

Jerod Lankford

Hope he remembers EVERY team passed on him the 1st round

Steven Soco

Note to the losers calling him “trash” … where are you now?

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