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Sam Bradfield

Drew Lock is our franchise QB the future is very bright

    Joshua Mundy

    Drowsy Waters chill man let’s us enjoy some good qb play

    Just N/A

    I told you guys he will be the future. Lots of YouTubers trashing him….now what? XD

    Drowsy Waters

    @Joshua Mundy Fanboyz said same thing when Cutler was drafted and Tebow and Paxton Lynch…. enjoy reality first.

    Joshua Mundy

    Drowsy Waters your right other than Paxton I don’t think he ever played well, Let alone really good like Lock has played these past two weeks. We have had our heart ripped out like 4 times this year I’m just saying let’s smell the roses while they are here

    Drowsy Waters

    @Joshua Mundy I hear you. — I’ve been a Bronco fan since Floyd Little days.. — I’ve been divorced twice, too. I know things that look great at the beginning can turn south quick. — But I enjoyed the honeymoons — let’s keep our perspective at that level until we commit.

Zachary Couch

We need to be better in the 2nd half but this was a good win, Lock might actually be the guy

    kuna coins

    trusted cocky and talented love the kid


    With a lead like the one that we had it was better to let the defense handle it and do their thing. And they did.

    Memelord 3106

    Zachary Couch couldn’t agree more

    Lane Scott

    Zachary Couch they had to run clock, they were up by enough it was going to be hard to catch them if they limited there time to do it, my opinion they worked it to perfection . Be satisfied with this. It is a performance to be proud of. They are turning the corner, now build around him and the rest with o-line and maybe another star receiver. It is real close Broncos country.

    Lane Scott

    MrAdamNTProtester give Rich a break,22of27 309 yards passing and just under 100 rushing 38 points, might be being a little hard on the man. It’s his first time as play caller, I bet you weren’t the best at what ever you do the first year.



Future Echo

Go Buzz!!!!😂

CA Sports

Let’s gooooo

TeShaun Hurt

i think next season drew going to lead us to super bowl


    Hope we get a New OCoord or it’s going to be another LOST year

    Just N/A

    I’ll give it a couple years when he’s a complete QB

    Slightly Above Average

    @MrAdamNTProtester our Ocord is going through growing pains as a rookie as well. I think he’ll be good eventually.

Jerome Schulze

Onky guy who gets game ball is keerem jackson.. My boy was all over the field.!!

Drowsy Waters

Hopkins had zero effort on the fumble/return. He barely moved.

Binx Negale

🔒🔒 Good W an lets finish up the season. #DB4L

just just no

Drew Lock and Kareem Jackson NEED to get those game balls! They totally deserve it



Major Tom

Tom Brady is no Drew Lock ! MIZ

Green7Wood Triangle

During the game I was laughing randomly because I was so excited to see a potential Broncos franchise qb

Sean & Bailey jackington



I like how Drew just slings it out there, that arm is something💪


Boy they can be great out of the gate! I do start worrying after 5 minutes has gone by in the 3rd luckily today the game was out of reach for Texas


Thanks Rich for believing and calling a aggressive game!!


Are there Broncos Radio highlights anywhere? I’d love to hear Dave Logan’s calls for some of the plays in this game.

Mister Zuniga

Buzz light year dang my daughters gonna love this dude ..


I’m a Broncos fan and am happy to see Lock doing well and throwing the ball well but, are they really already comparing Lock to Brady? Good grief.

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