CMC Makes History w/ 1,000 Rushing & Receiving Yds (Ep. 15) | Panthers Huddle – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

CMC Makes History w/ 1,000 Rushing & Receiving Yds (Ep. 15) | Panthers Huddle

On this edition of the Huddle, Christian McCaffrey ends the season by joining two other players in the history books and Steve Smith Sr. gives us a tour of the Smith Family Wellness Center.

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Josh N

Keep pounding panthers 👊💪

Caudahy Hall

3,k total yards

    david medlin

    With a good o-line he could do it.

Mitchell Apple

The volume seems really low on some areas. The entire video is kind of quiet. Good work, but a work in progress.

Jacob Summers

Is Steve Smith coming back

    187 Misfits Spade

    I’m still mad he left!

Unsafe Name

I hope you learned a lesson Tepper don’t get rid of the only good coach that you have


David Robinson

Steve can still play.

The Watcher

This actually seen worse than the 2010 season so many winnable games

Jason Gaines

Christian is such a good player. He doesn’t deserve what’s going on right now.

187 Misfits Spade

Jacinda fine asf!!😻


    Knobby knees, but yeah.

redeagle 1978

we are going to win the super bowl next year

Kylen Bowman

I miss Steve Smith Sr.

big dick bandit

Go get phillip rivers before another team does

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