An Emotional Ending to a Season Full of Hardships (Ep. 5) | Blue on Black – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex Rangel


Piyush Komali

greg grew this franchise and we will thank him for that forever.

    big dick bandit

    Hes retiring?

    Alex Rangel

    @Piyush Komali YEET

    Alex Rangel

    @Piyush Komali PLAY ROBLOX


    Nah, he needs to ride out with cam on his last yr

Josh N

Keep pounding panthers 2020👊💪



    Ricky Brown

    Josh N Yes I subscribe to you josh and you in the comments

    Donna B

    HELL YEAH🖤💙🖤💙


Thank god this season is over, on to the next year.I hope 88 stays one more year. Keep Pounding!

Brazen X. Calibur

This season was a train wreck. Cam got hurt, no run defense, a weak secondary; it was Murphy’s Law. The only shining light was McCaffrey getting the record.


    Even his record gets HEAVILY tainted by this lack luster of a season.


It was definitely no our season but we will get there. Things have to get worse before it gets better. KEEP POUNDING!

Uncle Luke

This made me cry. What a horrific season. Thank you Greg Olsen for everything you have done. GO PANTHERS KEEP POUNDING

Germane Habib

It’s amazing that Ron Rivera got fired after the loss to Redskins, only to end up being the new coach of the same Redskins….lol! I definitely look forward to the match up at Lanover next season. That will be very interesting. Perhaps the beginning of a new rivalry between The Panthers and the Redskins…

    Phillip S

    I’m a Panthers fan, but I don’t live in the Carolinas, but I found it interesting they had a lot of Redskins fans at that game. I’m guessing before the Carolina got a franchise people there rooted for the Redskins?

    Germane Habib

    @Phillip S It’s a fact. Redskins has always had a fanbase in the Carolinas. They’re my personal favorite in the NFC East other than Eagles. But it may turn into a rivalry, courtesy of Riverboat Ron….lol! 😂

    Phillip S

    @Germane Habib lol just wondering. I was actually a Saints fan before I became a Panthers fan.

    I live in Mississippi and that’s who we got in our local market. Back then the Saints were bad and I wanted to root for a new team with no history.

    Germane Habib

    @Phillip S Oh word…! The Ain’ts… 😂🤣

justin nolan

Cant believe they fired Ron.

Ricky Brown

It’s ok Panthers keep pounding and never give up YOU GOT THIS 🤗. YOU TRIED YOUR Best Cameron you need to come back AkA : Cam Newton


Hopefully Cam can influence Gregg to play his last year along with him just in case it’s also his last season as a Panther.


    Neake22 … That would be sweet.

Parrish Turner

We have to have the best Social Media team! I don’t know who you are, but I commend you on everything that y’all are doing! Marketing has been amazing this year! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everything that y’all have done this year!

Antwaine C

See greg olsen so frustrated hurts😞


You can see these leaders of this team desperately trying to get everyone’s act together and it just didn’t work they just kept that defeated mentality.

Ultor 383

😥 rather move on from 2019-2020 season to hoping a better 2020-2021 season

Steven Defeo

Don’t leave us Greg. One more year with Cam. Don’t leave the NFL on backup QB’s

Vincent Vega

Seems like yesterday this series was in the preseason. The hopes were high and remained that way until the 49ers game.
This season went bad quickly.

Patrick Hunt

Give Zylstra more snaps next season

Mitchell Apple

Well that was emotional

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