Tom Telesco Reviews Chargers 2019 Season, “I like the foundation that’s been built” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Failed to get effective O-line in free agency, he should know better

    Sam W.

    @jasona9 they had 11 QB hits, which is an insane amount! Plus the o-line had no answer for Donte Hightower. The guy was penetrating that o-line like he was playing with children. They should have had an answer for the underrated defense of the 2018 Pats.🤷🏻‍♂️

    Ezekiel Avilez

    He relied on Okung and Pouncey being there all season, with some fill-in guys to cover the other assignments. Tom gambled, and lost.

    Cup of that Purple Stuff

    Haven’t had a good o-line since Shottenheimer left the team. We need to make replacements to get a good line

    DB Balbas

    We was hurt. It wasn’t like we was full strength.


We need to Keep Rivers for 1 more year. Draft Justin Herbert for the future. Get rid of Gordon and Get a new starting running back and work on that offensive line. And get a new defensive coordinator. Bradley help build that defense. But he doesn’t bring enough pressure on the QB. We need a better defensive coordinator who will put the players in the right positions to make plays and get more turnovers. We’re not that far from winning a Super Bowl!!! And we need to be aggressive in free agency or Trades. We never make any big moves in free agency and Trades. If we wanna finally win a Super Bowl we need to bring in elite players in free agency and trades. Stop being so silent during free agency and trades switch it up stop being greedy with the money and make some fucking moves!!!!!!

    Matthew Dahl

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR we need a offensive coordinator first.


    @Matthew Dahl Of course

    DB Balbas

    As soon as We lost Derwin, I thought f it. We should tank for a higher draft pick.
    Gus Bradley’s Defense won’t work without Derwin.
    Why would we try to switch up the defense when Derwin is out and try to win. Not be that great, not get a high draft pick, and when DJ comes back, switch up the defense again.
    What I’m saying is…this was easily a tank job. This WAS the tank/throwaway season. We pick 6. We go OLine or defense and WE WILL WIN A SUPER BOWL FOR P.RIVERS.

    * I only say defense because if we have a top 6 pick. We need to get a Top 6 talent. Andrew Thomas is the only OLine worth picking 6. Unless we trade back.

    Sharod Jones

    I agree with everything but keep melvin

Galatians 5:16

Same ol stuff we heard year after year. They need an O Line! Keep Pouncey and work around that. Also, trade up for Trevor Lawrence when he becomes available in Draft.

    Coty Basa

    Trevor Lawrence is gonna be 2021 draft. Hes gonna finish out school then declare

    Jack Morgan

    They’d probably have to trade into the first spot for him and compete with all other teams that want to trade up and none of that matters if the team with the first overall needs a qb

    Galatians 5:16

    @Sam W. blood clot I think.

    Galatians 5:16

    @N H agree

    Sam W.

    @Galatians 5:16 That explains his poor season. He should still have a chance. I don’t want to throw him under the bus with the shyt he has been going through. Plus, he has proven himself with the team already.

Tony Casarrubia

It sounds like he has no plan on what he’s going to do. He had the entire season to think about it.

    Jake VenGraitis

    W8n4U2BMine honestly I don’t mind Telesco that much. I think there are some changes he has to absolutely make with the roster and his approach, but there are still many moves and draft picks that he has made that I do respect. However it’s making me slightly nervous how nervous and tentative he seems to be here.


    W8n4U2BMine sheesh, most of these takes are so wrong 😂


    @Cameron Curtis I’m sure the whole NFL is on the edge of their seats wondering what Telesco’s next move is…

    Cameron Curtis

    Aadak actually yes. Rivers is a huge topic of discussion right now. TT has a big decision to make at QB. Draft a “stud” or stick with old Rivers for a awhile longer….

ann Craig

Tom Fix the Oline! Talking about consistency starts at the Line 29th in the league. Defense needs better DT’s, pick up some key players in free agency.


PFF (Pro Football Focus) just rated the offensive lines of ALL 32 teams. The Chargers rated 29th of 32! Tom Telesco hasn’t assembled even an AVERAGE O Line for even ONE season of his tenure as Charger GM.


    Ben Linsey of PFF 12/31/2019: #29 “The Chargers’ offensive line has been their roster’s biggest weakness for several seasons now. To put it in perspective, the last time they had a team pass-blocking grade ranked above 26th was 2014. With Russell Okung out for much of the season, the tackle position manned by Trent Scott and Sam Tevi was an issue, consistently putting Philip Rivers under pressure. Tevi and Scott combined to allow 88 pressures this season. That was the second most of any tackle duo in the NFL, behind Nate Solder and Mike Remmers in New York.”

    Daniel Deford

    Funny how they are ranked 29th, yet that is with all 5 starters healthy, imagine thinking of the 13 players they went through this year alone for the O-Line.

    James I.

    @jasona9 Yeah. When he got to the Chargers in 2013 my greatest hope was for him to fix the offensive line. He’s tried, drafting D.J. Fluker in the first round, Forrest Lamp in the second, and multiple third-round picks on other offensive linemen. He has yet to draft anything close to a Pro Bowl talent on the offensive line. Everywhere else he’s done well. He’s been bad at drafting offensive linemen.


    @Ricky Digital Marketing Giants…


    @James I. He inherited this problem, the Chargers have never ever given the lines the attention they deserve.


Had a rough year, but no need to panic. Grab some O-lineman and DTs in the draft and FA, allow our OC to come up with a new scheme and playbook to put the ball in our RBs hands more, and next years draft try and grab Trevor Lawrence. One of the leagues best rosters so far and with a couple tweaks we’ll be back in the tournament next season and the season after that. #BOLTPRIDE

Plush Pillows

Everything starts on the trenches oline then a better interior lineman

Ryan Duffy

Please spend some money this year

    Douglas .moore

    Spanos? Money? Ha ha ha hA


    They’re always tight on cap space. This is actually the most cap they had since TT started

tamire davis

We need a oline. Philip rushes to get the ball out of his hands. Couldn’t be a pocket passes. Melvin Gordon couldn’t get his groove. Joey n melvin came n late. Derwin Jamessss. Boiii next we gone tear this league up. Team MVP Keenan. N we need home field advantage. 16 games away.

Jack Buna

The O-Line needs to be the priority!!! Phil’s not to blame bc if he had time or wasn’t traumatized from feeling rushed the season would’ve turned out different … Telesco is right in saying that Phil can still play at a high level!!!

Nate Strand

This guy is a joke. He had one of the easiest gigs that any GM can have coming into his position… had a HOF QB that he refused to build a competent o-line to protect him with. He’s gotten the team to 2 playoff appearances in 7 seasons, has never won the division, has had some terrible drafts… including this past draft. He also oversaw the worst kicking position fiasco in the history of the NFL through the 2016-2017 seasons.

    Wyatt Winterfeld

    Nate Strand least we got the money badger

James I.

Sign Brandon Scherff. Draft Isaiah Simmons. Extend Bosa and Henry. Keep Rivers for two more seasons.

    Wyatt Winterfeld

    James I. Don’t forget to keep Badgley, I don’t want to go through 2017 again

    James I.

    @Wyatt Winterfeld I’m with you. Dominant defense. Control the clock with the running game. Badgley comes through with the clutch kicks in the close games. That’s what I want for this team.

Carlos Castaneda


Adam D

It’s scary how he still likes the core of everything. Something needs to change after an 5-11 season!

    Douglas .moore

    I agree it’s tough but remember Melvin Gordon held out for a few games. Injuries. And of the 11 loses 9 were by a touchdown or less.

    Adam D

    Douglas .moore that’s true. But most of the time, coaches are responsible for close losses. I believe some sort of a coaching change is necessary but it might not have to be Lynn.

    SD Fishin

    Bad coaching

    JC Mtz

    Agreed. Nothing to be proud of . Disastrous season. Thank you Rivers but Gosh we need to move on

Jake VenGraitis

I’d like it a lot more if we found some new trainers so we could actually try to prevent yet another year of devastating injuries to our studs.

Real Money

Great interview… Tom did a great job standing his ground with out throwing anyone under the bus… Love to see my team make tough decision with dignity and respect… The bolt culture is growing in a great direction, now we just need more winning talent….

Alex Kieu

How do we have a “champion level coach” and we lost all of our divisional game

DAGO boy

My chargers wish list:

– Re-sign Bosa, Henry, and Ekeler
– sign Rivers to 1 year deal
– Draft a quarterback in the first 2 rounds
– Hire offensive coordinator
– tell Gus Bradley hes on the hot seat lol
– sign a GOOD o-lineman and draft a good one


Ekeler was such a beast this year. He stepped up and really showed up when Gordon was sitting out. I’m a Hawks fan.

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