Christian Kirk, D.J. Foster & Byron Murphy’s Journey from Saguaro HS to the Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Arizona Cardinals Fan for life Reply

Let’s go Cardinals

lluvia Noriega Reply


    Arizona Cardinals Fan for life Reply

    Hi lluvia

    Dean Koukouras Reply

    @Arizona Cardinals Fan for life sup

    Arizona Cardinals Fan for life Reply

    Sup @Dean Koukouras

    OBEYFMH187 Reply


Dean Koukouras Reply


Misael Vazquez Reply

Let’s go to the super bowl baby

    OBEYFMH187 Reply

    How about we win our division first 😁

    Zachary Mueller Reply

    OBEYFMH187 why not both

    loso j Reply

    @OBEYFMH187 dont be a downer debbie 🤣

    Misael Vazquez Reply

    Especially because theirs 3 more playoff spots

    Misael Vazquez Reply

    Let’s get it baby

Crash Tonn Reply

I hope they do this again cuz I’m going to saguaro next year🔥

Bosco Gamer Reply

Did anybody watch the twitch stream last night?

Nomad Reply

500yds and 10td wtf how is that even possible.

    Taylor Berry Reply

    Nomad it’s possible I’ve done it before but it was in Madden

    Ray_Hill Reply

    @Taylor Berry I was fixing to say💀

Tim Reply

great video

Dominic1886 Reply

dats crazyy

jayden youngker Reply

That’s just crazy how that happened tho. Like that’s so cool to have friends from high school and have them be by your side👍🏻🔥💪🏼

loso j Reply

Kennard is a hometown guy too!

King Tomo720 Reply

Loved this 🙏❤️🔴

Fred Castro Reply

Where is Saguaro high school?

    Darth Nihilious dad Reply

    Scottsdale. In Phoenix

sedric lopez Reply

Kirk and Larry always had the other teams number 1 corner on them, also they used to double team or bracket Larry a lot so now that we have Hopkins, he’ll take the number 1 corner so that should free up Larry and Kirk a lot more. This season is gonna be🔥

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