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TheReel TravisScott Reply

Gotta love my Broncos!!!

Chris Reply

They signed shelby Harris

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    Now we just need to draft Kinlaw at #15 and we are set!

    Tom Tom Reply

    @MrAdamNTProtester Ruggs

    ProgrammingFlaw 3489 Reply

    Broncos Country luvs Shelby.

    anuar0307 Reply

    MrAdamNTProtester it all points to Ruggs

    gatorloganuf Reply

    MrAdamNTProtester we have bigger holes that’ll be filled in the 1st round other than DT

braden dzurinda Reply

I thought they kept Shelby Harris.

    noah alcoser Reply

    braden dzurinda they did

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    YUP RE-SIGNED 1 year deal… very good deal for the BRONCOS ELWAY is killing it this offseason… if he gets KINLAW at #15 it will be an EPIC offseason

    Neighbor Gamez Reply

    @MrAdamNTProtester Kinlaw is a great add. Personally I want CeeDee

jamie rowe Reply

i thought we did resign Harris tho?…could have sworn i got an ESPN app notification about it earlier…🤔

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    Yes we did

Chris Cinelli Reply

Shelby back wym

Binx Negale Reply

I’m sure they didn’t get the notification of Shelby Harris re-signing.

714milky Reply

Smart teams draft best available on the board. Then draft for need.

ProgrammingFlaw 3489 Reply

The Broncos have made all the right moves, so far so good.

Azuycar Ch Reply

Trooper Benjamin looks like he doesn’t want to be at home..

Jodi Logans Reply

Now cut heurman and sign darqueze dennard

    D K Reply

    This is the time of year where all fans think no one can improve and every pick up they like can be a hall of famer

    daniel guth Reply

    Actually we picked up TE Vannett.. a good hands move TE who played for Seattle and Pitt.
    A very underrated signing.

mr kneel Reply

We Lost Wolfe on a one year contract with the Ravens. Sad to see him go but I will always be part of the Wolfe

Bronx Legend Reply

I have to agree with Albright on this one, best thing they did was GO ALL in on Lock. That confidence the broncos give him goes a long way. And to be honest, just tired of the vet QB that can maybe do something . Start fresh with lock and let’s roll baby!!

Jim Davis Reply

I believe the Broncos have had a good free agency season, so far! We got good value for the agreed $ amount in each case!

Jim Davis Reply

Now, we need a good, fast wide receiver in the draft and some big guys for both lines!

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere Reply

Playoffs Bound……. #MileHighSouljaStyle💪

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere Reply

We Signed Shelby To A One Year Deal…..

    l vande Reply

    With the Casey signing that’s going to raise the level of play from Shelby Harris

TSM_Misc Reply

That’s defensive line is going to be as good as it was I’m 2015

Manuel Nunez Reply

Would love to see CeeDee in the orange and blue !

Johannes Baas Reply

The joke would be “you can’t spell Winston without INT”. Ryan missed out on that one.

Eྂlྂiྂjྂaྂhྂ Dྂuྂaྂrྂtྂeྂ Reply

We gotta be clutch with the shits,lets make it to the playoffs For ORLANDO Mcdaniel Rest in peace!!

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