Justin Tuck Reflects on Super Bowl XLII & Super Bowl XLVI | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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New York Giants Reply

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Orland Paul Reply

I’m ur dad

Tim Reply

nice content keep up the amazing work

Tim Reply

great content you deserve more subscribers

Alyssa Delaney Reply

We love you Justin Tuck! 💞💞💞

Brian Moran Reply

It’s also my birthday

Yugo RC Reply

Out of all the players picked in 2005 draft Tuck got the most SB rings

Yugo RC Reply

Greatest SB I ever seen. I lost my voice for a week after that game

Wally Dupes Reply

Im 36 and been watching football my whole life. Without question, the 2007 season was my favorite of all time. What a team. Thanks Giants.

Derek Bury Reply

Justin Tuck, the real MVP of Super Bowl 42. hell of a BALL Player

UwU Daddy Reply

Justin Tuck was a true leader on that defensive line we haven’t had in a long time

the annointed one Reply

Besides manning and coughlin, tuck was definetly the third most important guy to be a part of both sbowl wins.

Christopher hobson Reply

Thank you for this. It’s hard to watch old clips of the past few years.. since you know you guys suck at running the giants. I need a reminder if why I still waste time and money on this franchise.

Christopher Pressley Reply

J.T. #91..4Ever!!

Frankincensed Reply

In the 80s it was the linebackers. In the 2000s it was the defensive linemen with Tuck, Strahan, and Osi

RoseTown Tewari Reply

Real MVP in SB’s 42 and 46 to me. Was the Best DL to ever play for GMEN, including Gap Tooth.

Giants Freak1 Reply

One of my all time favorites ‘Justin Brick Strong Tuck’… he was my pick for the MVP at the SB 42‼️‼️ 💪🏾💪🏾

Steve Freedom Reply

Best Victory in Any sport Ever!

Anselmo Carreño Reply

Tuck tuck tuck… Final round?

PPD Fez Reply

Goosebumps. Especially the hit on Charles Woodson.

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