Chargers Top Plays from Big Win over Jaguars on Philip’s Birthday!! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Connor Jensen Reply


Alex Olsen Reply

Go Chargers beat the Vikings next week you can do it

Alex Olsen Reply

Happy birthday Philip

Richard Burley Reply

Happy b-day rivers, so ladies and gentlemen this is what are team looks like healthy ⚡

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR Reply

    Keep Ekeler and get rid of Gordon!

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    @DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR Gordon is in the last year of his contract and they already expressed that they weren’t willing to pay him, so he’s going away, Chargers just won’t get anything for it (unless he’s a restricted free agent but I don’t know how that works)

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR Reply

    @Ryan Duffy Facts bruh

    97RAVINEAVE Reply

    And ? Imagine with Tyrell Williams ( never replaced ) or a top flight replacement for him , a Full offensive line , and some upgrades that any Great organization would have added after going 12-4 to make that push to a Super Bowl .

Danny Tran Reply

Lol the youtube comments here are way less toxic than the ones on twitter. Go Bolts! Feel good win!

    sayjai bao Reply

    not as many SD trolls here

Sergio Muñiz Reply

I wish my chargers played this good ALL THE TIME. go boltz ⚡⚡⚡⚡

    Zo Wattz Reply

    Once rivers is gone they will

    sayjai bao Reply

    @Zo Wattz Easton Sticks will lead us

I’m wrong but Reply

this was the first game I didn’t watch this year

    Kevin Reply

    please stop watching them play forever <3

    I’m wrong but Reply

    Kevin lmao that’s what I feel like doing

    Rodolfo Bravo Reply

    like dont ever watch em again dedicate your time not being a true fan of bolts dedicate your time too something else we don’t need fans like you gee 👌

    I’m wrong but Reply

    Rodolfo Bravo wym you don’t need fans like me. I’m saying I’ve watched every game this year and they’re hard to watch and the one I didn’t watch they destroyed the other team

    Rodolfo Bravo Reply

    oh okay well it’s all a misunderstanding that’s all

thunderbolts 24 Reply

I like the highlights… makes it look like we won 85-10 (smiles)

Tan Bagirsakciar Reply

You can do it bolts⚡

Ryan Duffy Reply

That catch by Keenan was so good it had to be played twice

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    Same with that wide open throw to Hunter Henry I guess

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    AND that screen pass to Ekeler, wow!

    Ryan Duffy Reply

    That throw to Mike Williams was pretty good too

    Sam W. Reply

    I am guessing they needed to reach the 5 minute mark for ad revenue🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

Anonymous Reply

When the chargers are goated

Gautham Ananthanarayanan Reply

Awesome win for Phillip Rivers’ B-day.
Happy birthday Rivers

Doris Burke Reply

Derwin James is a game changer

Legit Shiny God Reply

Chargers are my boys for life


happy bday my man. Feel that energy
every day. Now the vikings
GO CHARGERS oh and dont be scared well play fine

ann Craig Reply

Happy birthday Philly Rivs

Liam Minecraft Building Channel Reply

Much much better from the Chargers today! Fantastic play from the Chargers! Bolt up!

Junior S Reply

Bitter sweet win. My whole life has changed the last 2 months and I feel I universally jinx the chargers. I’m glad for this win. Really needed it.

Shortyshrew Reply

Actually looked like the old rivers today. Maybe 37 was just a bad age. Happy birthday

James Nava Reply

We play like this for a last 3 games would be awesome.. Even though we are out of the playoffs!

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