Chargers After Massive Victory in Jacksonville, “Well That Feels Good for a Change” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jay The Cyborg Reply

I love this team. This is how we should have played over the season. We’ll get em next year.

    essel23fly Reply

    Not with rivers

    jasona9 Reply

    @essel23fly “not with Rivers”. Maybe not. That’s not up to you. Are you a Charger fan? if so, Why can’t you enjoy a great win? Philip played well against Denver, and even BETTER today.

    essel23fly Reply

    jasona9 you’re in denial

    Jay The Cyborg Reply

    jasona9 I just enjoyed seeing him tonight and ball out. Who knows this might be the end for him. But like you said it’s not for us to decide. But for now I’m just savoring every last bit.

Legend__ 21 Reply

Can’t wait till next year man…we just gotta put our main focus on keeping EVERYONE healthy during the off-season #BoltUp💪🏾⚡💯

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Scum Bag lmao facts💀

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Kirk Moore lmao look how many times you comment to get my attention💀…its pathetic and you just proved my point

    Alejandro Jaime Reply

    What I said past 8 seasons

    Kirk Moore Reply

    The sissyboy Choker fanclub wins another “moral victory” but the yearly result remains. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!”. Bwahahaha! Suck on it, suckers!

Mikey Reply

If Ek dont make the probowl ima go ham

Howard Abdul Reply

Our conditioning coaches might need to change, I feel like we’ve always had injury issues. If the team can stay healthy throughout the season it would be a different story.

    sam wroblewski Reply

    broken bones and soft tissue injury are not the same thing

    McFlei Reply

    Nah we’ve had freak injuries and broken bones, which is purely unlucky and not on the conditioning staff

    J R Reply

    GM doesn’t pick durable players

    McFlei Reply

    @J R Derwin, Pouncey, H Henry, Okung, & J Jackson injuries were all unpreventable freak things. Then players like Benjamin, Inman, Tevi, J Jones, Badgley, Ingram, Mebane, & Adderley dont have much of an injury history so we’re probably just unlucky this year. Telesco has built a stacked roster that led the league in pro-bowlers last year and has drafted a steal in just about every draft. Not much more you can ask of him

Malcolm Mency Reply


    Daniel Deford Reply

    100% on board with this!!

    Scum Bag Reply


Manny Mota Reply

Bad luck for the Vikings next week!!

    Alejandro Jaime Reply

    No point

greenmean230 Reply

Austin Ekeler is the most underrated back in the league. Let’s start making jerseys with his name on it!

    Sam W. Reply

    They already do lol…. have u been to the team store?

    SlabOnMyDab710 YT Reply

    Lmao you can still even get LTs…. And he played for the jets b4 he retired. Hell you can still even get Shawn Merriman or even Quentin Jammer for that matter. You get any charger Jersey you want from players now to players 10-15 years ago just look it up. Hell i wouldnt dout it if you wanted to you could problem find some older than that

    Sam W. Reply

    @SlabOnMyDab710 YT Right. And I swear I saw a Doug Flutie jersey too lol🤷🏻‍♂️

    DubsBrown Reply

    Sam W. They don’t sell Ekeler #30 unless you make a custom. Had to buy mine that way.

    This was during the Gordon holdout too

    Sam W. Reply

    @DubsBrown the team store at the StubHub Center mann, not the website. Come on!

AllenRay Pimentel Reply

I like how Phil reminded everyone that hes a risk taker, just had a negative result in the past but definitely the same mental makeup

    Alejandro Jaime Reply

    Jags suck bruh

Sam W. Reply

5-8 with a 38+ point differential!🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ com on mann! Everyone should look at Raiders’ differential. How the hell do they not have at least a 1-12 record?

    azma775 Reply

    I was thinking the same thing . They’ve been blown out 3 times this season . We haven’t been blown out once

    Sam W. Reply

    @azma775 every lose has been by 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, or a point. Pretty sad. They could easily be 13-0, or at least 12-1.

    azma775 Reply

    Sam W. Which is the biggest difference from last season we were winning those close games

Liam Minecraft Building Channel Reply

Fantastic result and performance by the Chargers.

bartbutkis Reply

It was nice to see the Chargers win and have a good time out on the field today but lets not kid anyone. We beat a 4 and 9 “Crap Team” with a rookie QB. The Jaguars are about to fire their coaching staff again and start over. They are also tanking to get the best drafting position they can get. Whoopie!

ivan urias Reply

I consider miself a fan because i take the sweet along with the sour. And for the first time ever, us fans have leverage, because the Boltz have to fill that New Stadium, 20k opposing fans could show up, but the Boltz have to make some kind of move in free agency and the draft. A good draft pick is a good start. But more is needed to compete in today’s NFL

Kexin Reply

It’s the 2017 season all over again.

SOXCAL_13 Reply

I was cheering at work man we might not make the playoffs but it feels good as a fan to win by this much⚡⚡⚡

    Alejandro Jaime Reply

    😂 nah dawh

Alex Kieu Reply

It’s hard to win in the league, I’m not tripping let’s get this dub on the stupid Raiders ☠️🤣

    BOLT GANG760 Reply

    Were gonna smash the tRaiders

DubsBrown Reply

Happy Birthday Rivers

BOLT GANG760 Reply

Felipe Rio’s

thunderbolts 24 Reply

This win was just how I drew it up on paper. ⚡️⚡️⚡️Everything just clicked today. 😎

Ezequiel Ramirez Reply

Hunter Henry the real GOAT with that block 💪💪🔥🔥

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