Inside the Chargers Locker Room After DOMINANT Win Over Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jose Casillas

go boltss⚡️⚡️

Shane Moseley

This what happens when we get our guys back

    Tay McCullough

    Shane Moseley exactly


The season is over boys, but let’s get these last few wins #BoltUp

    Peter atwan

    SergePlayzz yeah we needed our starters but next season when our injured players like Nasir and Jerry tillery they come back and Nasir and Derwin are going to be scary next season

Austin Savage

Best game of the year!

Hector Torres

Bolt gang or don’t bang!!! #Boltup HAVE A DAY EKLER


Good win 👍

Legend__ 21

This is what I keep stressing to all the people who like to hate and make jokes on our chargers…this is what our FULL roster plays like with our leaders back in derwin and Adrian Philips, our defense has a whole new attitude and swagger and that takes so much pressure off rivers and the offense that they play free and it makes me happy to see, but it also pisses me off because if we had this roster in the beginning of the season, were undefeated and top of the division…simple as that, but welcome back derwin and Adrian, happy birthday #17 and Rip Juice Wrld #BoltUp🙏🏾💙⚡

    Legend__ 21

    @Stankyg55 yeah i feel you bro, just like I said during the beginning of the season derwin and Adrian are our leaders and stars on our defense and it wasn’t gonna be the same without them, but it’s good to see how dominant we are with our FULL roster though bro #BoltUp⚡⚡⚡

    thunderbolts 24

    Well it finally all things clicked in one game (smiles). The team I root for win or lose… this one felt good. They mentioned Lionel “little train” James… he was a little mighty mite like Ekeler.


    Here’s to hoping Bosa re-signs and finding our next franchise QB🍻⚡

Steven Suro

Eliminated. 3 pointless games left👍


    Story of the chargers. Win pointless games, choke when it actually matters. Rivers definitely didn’t help the last few games. And the cycle continues.

    Rob P

    @essel23fly stop hating bro ,it is what it is it’s good to see them celebrate that win like we had a winning record…but u keep on hating n wishing bad for the chargers n watch this cycle end 🖕


    Rob P you’re in heavy denial


Hell yeah it’s about time we havent tasted victory since the packers game


Happy Birthday to Philip Rivers #17, the greatest QB in Charger History. Today he looked like he was turning “28”, not “38”. I understand the philosophy that Father Time is undefeated, yet ‘Old Man’ Rivers showed he still has something left in the tank.

UrMomIsCool Uuu

We did bad this season cuz Derwin was gone for half of the season and we got em all back

    Dankmeme Fish619

    Tay McCullough but we shouldn’t be losing like this just for one player we need to step up and get the ball in red zone today is our best game we had all season we got the ball in the red zone so many times this game and the other were just field goals #boltup

    Gilberto Felix

    Not true. Rivers threw to many interceptions. We could’ve done better with what we had

    Tay McCullough

    Gilberto Felix and why was that? Because of the poor blocking, every game we won is when he had time to lose his reads and not rush his progressions. Not to mention teams all year have been getting consistent pressure not blitzing ever and only rushing 3/4 so if you can have all those players in coverage and still get pressure it’s not way you should lose honestly 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Gilberto Felix

    Tay McCullough I’m tired of rivers tbh with you. I hope we get a mobile qb next season or start Tyrod Taylor

    Dankmeme Fish619

    Gilberto Felix yeah true


These games hurt my soul because fully healthy we’re capable of this on a consistent basis 💔

Chargers 17995413128586

I’ll be there next week GO BOLTS⚡️⚡️

The Infamous Gee Bear

I been a Chargers fan since my dad got me Junior Seau jersey. Season was shyt but I know there’s a Superbowl Trophy coming soon!!! BoltGang4Life

Sam W.

I was expecting a dramatic win by Minshew lol

pedro jimenez

We needed this win

Daniel Deford

Everyone talking about being “fully healthy”, funny how we still have 7 or 8 guys on the IR including one of the most important pieces on the field, Mike Pouncy our Center.


Go beat the vikings!Bolt up!!!!hit the like if your a BOLT☇☇☇


<3 Russell's cleats

Cesar Muro

Draft stock at this point

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