Chargers Break down Loss vs. Vikings, “We’ll Get Back Focused and Finish the Season the Best We Can” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Eliot Garcia

Bruh moment #246 just tank

Randy Jones

The Bolts should tank . No use in getting anybody hurt . Load up for next year .


AWESOME!! Keep up the tanking!!!
I mean you guys should have lost the jag game, but if you lose from here on out you will get a top 10 pick, and then hopefully trade up to get a QB.

    Sam W.

    They don’t need a QB. They need to draft a lineman and draft an OC. Fux it!

    Darth Coletrain

    Sam W. I mean Rivers isn’t getting any younger so it’s honestly hard to choose but I do agree we need a good o-line before we even fathom drafting a new qb with the trash we have… the poor guy would get killed whom ever gets picked

    Sam W.

    @Darth Coletrain dude almost won MVP in 2018. If it wasn’t for that first game against Baltimore that fux up his stats, he probably would’ve won it over Mahomes.

    john mares

    Sam W. Doubt it. 50 tds Mahomes was money that year and Drew was runner up and he was solid af….. first quarter of the season offense coordinator was atrocious.. but that still doesn’t change the fact that he… can’t extend plays be mobile in the pocket nor he can run at this age of football most qbs can run for a first rivers can’t. Also after watching him for over a decade that side arm ain’t gonna take us anywhere… we need a somewhat mobile qb with a decent arm. Let’s try out tyrod?


This is the first game all season that we got blown out


    Stankyg55 We didn’t get blown out. We tanked.


    Chargers have fans?

    David Chilin


Saengphet No

Coach is quick to bench Melvin Gordon for his mistakes i get it. Why not do the same for Phillip Rivers.


    Sam W. You’re in serious denial. It’s over for Rivers.

    James Nava

    Agreed – they need to start playing easton stick for the last 2 games!

    James Nava

    @proffesor59 easton stick is way better then taylor just watch his film from preason. Or his college film this guy is amazing.


    James Nava I’ve seen him play. I saw flashes. So some playing time would help to see more out of him in game but I would wait till the last game.

    Teezy Blue

    @essel23fly u stupid Rivers is coming back new LA Sofi Stadium hell yeah #LAC

The Whys Guys Podcast

Chargers for life— we love you guys- we ride and die with y’all—- KEEP PUSHING BEAT THE RAIDERS AND CHEIFS!

    UrMomIsCool Uuu

    Dennis H lmao

Cruizee 87

Y’all gotta be more grateful for this coach we got… hard to come by coaches like this who got this good of a mindset keeping a team together. Next year hope we’re all healthy and re do that 2018 szn😤⚡️‼️

    Joffy Joffa

    He never holds the qb accountable that’s the only thing I dont like.


Hunter Henry’s fumble looked like an incomplete pass. Still, seven turnovers and a blocked punt? No team can do that and beat the Vikings. The Chargers were outcoached and outplayed.

    Sam W.

    Definitely not outcoached. Stupid mental errors and underperforming. That’s all.

    Mr. POPO

    @Sam W. OUTCOACHED bum


    And out-reffed

Kirk Moore

Watch Phillip Rivers go sign with Denver next year and pull a Peyton Manning! Not likely but it would be Choker karma once again…

    kevin feola

    I can see him in the Titans next season seems he’ll fit bitter there

    Cruizee 87

    I’d honestly be happy for that and FOR RIVERS to do it anywhere else so it’s a big F YOU to the haters who call themselves “fans”🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    George Clayton

    No way, they’ve got Drew Lock who has Flacco as a mentor.

    kevin feola

    @George Clayton that’s exactly what I was thinking too Broncos got them selves a QB

    Kris Paul

    Rivers deserves a better oline and a shot at the SB


Be nice if Bosa could have got a holding call every once in awhile, jesus christ

    DAGO boy

    On one play he was being held by 2 vikings. Each had an arm holding him back. No penalty smh


    I dont think so, the 49ers just have far better defensive tackles which makes a huge difference. Bosa is also constantly being held, i see it multiple times every game.


    Mikey defensive tackles, another area that Telesco just can’t seem to get right.

    Chargers 17995413128586

    I was there I saw it all game

Patricia Dixon



At this time rest all the good players and hope for the best on the draft !✌

Ryan Duffy

I don’t mind a loss here. I say we should be tanking from here on out anyways


Gordon fumbling reminds me of that huge choke against the Saints a few years back

Malcolm Mency


ann Craig

Hate to say it but Gordon Rivers and the Oline needs to go.

ivan urias

Phillip Rivers has had a great carreer, but man he looks and moves so slow, and he expects so much from his throws, i mean he is very predictable for defenses to disect where he is going

Chargers 17995413128586

I’m gonna miss Phil


It’d be interesting to find out how many of the chargers loses are related to River’s mistakes. At least his last interception was untrascendental for the lose.

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