Bruce Arians on the Growth of the Secondary | Bucs Postgame Press Conference | Bucs-Lions Week 15 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bruce Arians on the Growth of the Secondary | Bucs Postgame Press Conference | Bucs-Lions Week 15

HC Bruce Arians spoke to the media following the Buccaneers' game against the Detroit Lions in Week 15.

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Parish D

That’s my coach!!! Let’s go Bucs! Loving the culture change!!!

Matthew Peyton

Better resign barret just add some vets in the secondary and oline and we can make a run next year

    Josef White

    Keep jpp..hes so critical

    Matthew Peyton

    @Josef White to expensive nassib and gholston will be cheaper if he takes pay cut maybe i do want him to stay if possible

    Josef White

    @Matthew Peyton i dont think the organization thinks of him more expensive than a liability

Collin Sanders

Jemel Dean, Carlton Davis, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Im confident in these young guys, maybe draft some safety help in the draft and save some cap space and worry about trying to keep Godwin, Barrett and Suh if he wants to stay, may be tough to try and figure JPP and Carl nassib

Spec- Jones


    Calvert Williamson

    Kary Dickens the Lions have played pretty tough this year, so I am not playing into the haters mindset that it was only the Lions. The Bucs beat them like no other NFL Team did.

    Spec- Jones

    We cant run man…. We’re one track minded just passing against a decent team we would have been killed today….

    Calvert Williamson

    Shawn Brink I agree!

    Calvert Williamson

    Spec- Jones If we could run the ball we would be champions.

Joan Melnick

Love it that Bucs fans can easily see the entire team playing like they expect to win every game. Hope it always continues.

LeDevin Green

Jameis Winston is our guy. Go Bucs

Ramy B.

Bruce has really turned this team around. We just need some additions on the offensive line and def in the running game. But overall, were clicking and believing in each other! Let’s make it five in a row!

Estate of Meredith

It was the Lions with a backup QB everyone just chill!!! We’re finding ways to win so I’m proud of our team.

    Chris Biddzz

    4 in a row? You go chill… Ill be cheering my team.

Lamar big Dallas

Yes sir hats off to Bruce Arians most explosive offense Buccaneers history.. so explosive blowing hamstrings off WRs lol..
guess what haters JW new sheriff in this Bih. NFL top passer T😂P 😂😂😂

    Shawn Proctor

    New sheriff indeed. Finally playing like he’s supposed to with all the weapons, hopefully they franchise tag him and prove he can play a whole year like this.

    Dtm Jax

    Shawn Proctor All the weapons. Still trying to find ways to minimize him. You realize all his weapons were missing most of the game right? 450+ yards, two weeks in a row, 1st time in NFL history. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Josef White

Funny bruce arians even knows jameis has to throw a pick to get it out the way

Josef White

Winston is just not scared


“get out there and win the game…” -Coach Bruce Arians. ATTITUDE is everything!

Quinn Maxfield

As a buccaneers fans everyone needs slow down it good were winning but it doesn’t change facts we need work on QB n 2nd in defense

    Shawn Brink

    No, the Bucs biggest hole is at offensive line. Then probably need safety help. You do know that Jamies will be the QB next season right?

    Brisco Entertainment

    @Shawn Brink he don’t know football either.

    Ben Davis

    @Brisco Entertainment you don’t know what you’re talking about Jameis is easily getting franchise tagged


The Jameis haters are on a 4 week vacation 4 wins. Bruce has this team playing well. Jameis threw to 11 different receivers today. The defense is playing better. Upgrade in the running game, another OL and maybe a few other support pieces. Bucs should win big in 2020. They are so entertaining to watch especially when winning.

Alpha Nickelberry

Hey Hey Tampa Bay!

Derrick Benvie

draft 5 offensive lineman run blocking is terrible barry sanders couldnt run with this oline


I love you BA

Logan O. Boyd

Strength and conditioning coach needs to be questioned and evaluated for all the Hammy’s breaking down


    Logan O. Boyd I mean … they are putting up yards


So many hamstring injuries. We need to question the female coach that is paid to get the players in shape. I know it´s a sensible thing cause they are female. But you gotta do your job

Matthew Williams

Papa coach leading his family
Go Bucs!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!!!!!!!

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