Jameis Winston on Finishing the Game Strong | Postgame Press Conference | Bucs-Lions Week 15 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jameis Winston on Finishing the Game Strong | Postgame Press Conference | Bucs-Lions Week 15

QB Jameis Winston spoke to the media following the Buccaneers' game against the Detroit Lions in Week 15.

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YBOR Rob INJUSTICE Watch Florida Accountability

DEFENSE PICK 6 Crazy at end…good job Bucs👍

Goomsquadnation 420

Win out!!!!

Robert Wilson

Yall better put respect on my boy winston right now back to back games 450 4 tds 1st player in nfl history to do it mostly without mike evans and a fractured thumb. But let ppl and the media tell you hes trash and can’t succeed without mike evans did 95% of that without him.

    Justin C

    @Campino Milligan Its a Team game man Even when Winston Plays flawless The defense let him down He is sacked 43 times this year. Bruce A. offense is a down field passing attack So it forces you to hold the ball. You can say oh hit the check down but alot of the times they are in 5 Wide set empty backfield and the check down is covered. You watch the games but dont go Study the film. Why was it a pick what were the factors?

    Daphne Johnson

    Justin C Speak!


    @Campino Milligan The greatest show on turf. Remember that. Now check STL turnover stats. It´s how the offense is set up.


    @Campino Milligan So you left late 3rd qtr after 5 picks. Hmm, weird, since pick 4 and 5 were within the last 2 mins of the 4th when the game was already lost. He tried to score there, so pick 4 and 5 are irrelevant.

Eli Navy



Like if Jeanna has to go!!!

    Marc Delgado

    @Michael Scott what did she say?

    Daphne Johnson

    Who is she talking about? Who is Jeanna?

    Michael Scott

    @Marc Delgado Shes the bucs reporter for ESPN. I just get the feeling that she asks questions in press conferences to get the players/coaches to slip up. Her articles are rarely every positive or optimistic, just not a fan of her reporting


    @Marc Delgado she’s the one that asks the question about the thumb a bunch of times at 4:20

    After Asteroid Survivor

    I’ve been commenting this all season. Notice every post game interview JW and other players and coaches have this look on their faces.


Them haters have disappeared but we gotta finish strong. Next week is a harder test for us.

    Daphne Johnson

    J M Yep!

    Nick Gillibrand

    Is funny that a month ago in the comments people were saying he should be dropped now he is an all time great lol, I’m glad to see him and the team growing in confidence but at the next blip the haters will come out of the woodwork I’m sure

Ramy B.

That’s my quarterback!! He’s not going anywhere. Love his resolve and mental toughness. No matter which weapons go down, he’s focused and keeps firing!! Can’t wait to see him next season!

    Kent Jackson

    Ramy B. Facts

Kent Jackson

Let’s get the next two wins & good luck on 5k yards passing for the season

Robert Wilson

At 3:19 when he said he wanted to be in tampa thats all i needed to hear. ✊🏿

    Lucas R

    most QBs want to stay with the team that drafted them but yeah, lets go Jameis

    Manny Vargas

    i hope he says. This guy is great player and an amazing leader

    Robert Wilson

    @Lucas R maybe but he didnt have to say it yet he did

Lamar big Dallas

Top NFL leading passer. JW.👍. My boy

That’s all I want for Christmas

Davy Jones Locker

Great game Jameis!

Kimbo Slice

I really think they should put defenders In front of JW during game day warmups so he can get his picks out the way and be ready to ball at game time

True Bucs fan

Jameis can be a top five qb with less mistakes, but he got alot of pressure on him to make a play with an inconsist offensive line and running game. Jameis will be alright we need to keep him and sign him to a friendly two years contract to see if his mistakes can slow down.

    Tyler Cesky

    I agree, or even franchise tag him for the upcoming year

Elias Pettersson

“Can I getta hallelujah!”

Preacher Winston

    Edward Kitchens


Anthony Davis

4:15 I love Jameis response to Jenna. Gtfoh Jenna.

    Perk_ Clover

    Anthony Davis she mad annoying ask the most retarted questions


    She’s useless

Héctor Gómez

I am very happy for him really is great QB and now play how in Florida State, congratulations 2 games 450, récord NFL, 30 tds récord TB, 4,573 yds récord TB, is my QB ever

Joel Montoya

Love how he thanks God for all he does.

    Daphne Johnson

    Me too!


Tampa has an almost non existent rushing attack and a horrible o-line and he’s still putting up crazy numbers. I have nothing but respect for this man.

Dtm Jax

It’s always about his teammates not him. The only time he talks about himself is when asked, and then somewhat sheepishly. That tells you all you need to know about his true character.

John Smith

I don’t see how you get rid of or bench the NFL’s #1 passer for yardage. It’s never happened. Put the analytics guys to work & find which passing routes he tends to throw INT’s on & reduce those going forward

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