Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons – 49ers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons – 49ers

Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn addresses the media after the 29-22 win over the 49ers in San Francisco.

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Football Films

We won because Julio got the ball

    blake wagner

    It wasn’t just julio

    GeorgiaBulldawg Killa

    It’s a team game you don’t win this because of one person you win because of the whole teamyou act as if Julio Jones threw the ball to Julio Jones

    RobbieDB4LWhite RiseUp

    You had to make up for all those drops.

blake wagner

Saved his job. Great job Quinn and the Dirty Birds

    Mohamed Kanneh

    Sorry to down our party… Even tho we just beat the #1 seed in da NFC. U gotta remember that we havent made playoffs for 2nd year and we lost against the bucs. We just can’t do dat

    RobbieDB4LWhite RiseUp

    @Mohamed Kanneh bucs is a divisional game all stats and records go out the window when we play within the divison.

    Good Looking Honkey

    Fuk his job. You still wanna lose huh? Smfh

    Mike Smith

    He keep his job, the staduim will be empty the first game of the season.

D Jones

Fire the O-Line coach AND keep the LB coach the DC!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun Long

2020 Falcons Coaching Staff 🤞🏽🤞🏽
OC: ? ? ?

    Pepper 526

    Shaun Long someone who’s had success with the run game

    Shaun Long

    Pepper 526 facts . We need to get back to zone blocking scheme . We should take a look at 49ers run game coordinator Mike McDaniel

    DSW Aqqua

    Keep Koetter. It’s his first damn year back. Matt just keeps changing coordinators. Needs to be consistent


    @DSW Aqqua absolutely. people were ready to move on from kyle shanahan year 1 with matt ryan, look what he did year 2.

    Pepper 526

    OnThrax yeah but the point in hiring him was because matt ryan was familiar with his play calling id say give him a year as well but we gotta get a run game going i say we draft a defensive player or a running back i really don’t wanna waste more picks on oline and rely in these two to start playing better

Falcon BANE77

I love the hot seat. Dan Quinn the team balls for him.

Nick bagnulo


    Jason C.

    @Nick bagnulo, Two best teams in the NFC are the Packers and Seahawks.


    Talkin Bout Nawlins We gave y’all home field advantage tf.

    What’s your issue?

Lou Hamer Productions

I can live with Quinn coming back next yr but Thomas can’t stay here and Quinn must stay away from the defense

    The UndisputedQueso

    Or our o line yeah Thomas got to go

    Zayne Jacobs

    Yeah, if we can get our drafting improved and our defense to play like the second half of this year or better, we’ll be very good shape. Sorry Thomas, but your head is first on the block for sure.

Jknubb Knubby

Gm definitely has to go


    completely agree someone finally understands its not all dq ‘s fault the gm pays $10 million for a TIGHT END like we have the most paid players but we are bad because it is going to the wrong places and players

First Last

Falcons love y’all..great win!!

Linda Utley

That might have saved yo job Dan.. Great Job Dan no pun intended 😎😎😎

GeorgiaBulldawg Killa

Everytime they favored the Falcons to lose against starting teams the Atlanta Falcons prove them wrong


Quinn, you dog you!

    Albert Maddox

    familyman7sf Lol

James White

100% BadAss Win!! They had to beat the 49ers Plus the Officials.
Awesome Win Falcon’s!!!

    emmanuel sam

    James White I was saying the same thing !

Dawg Gawd

Dan Quinn you son of a gun you did it again! #RiseUp

Danny Eyheralde

49ers fan chiming in to say GREAT game. I just wish this were pre-’02 so we could have another regular season game against you. If you’re record had been better we might have seen a NFC Championship rematch.


    Great run game by your team gotta give it to ya and #36 on defense can hit GG

Anthony Wright

We have to bring DQ back but OC-Koetter and GM Dimitroff must be replaced…..

Jakdup Jackson

I’m so glad he beat Shannahan.

Dejon Dorsey

The falcons play hard for Quinn they love there love head coach#RiseUp

Q Royal

well done Quinn , you pulled it off & saved your job iam impressed 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Drum Corps Central

I still believe we can have success with Dan Quinn, he is a great locker room coach and motivator. We just need the talent and smart coordinators around him to transform this team into a super bowl caliber team. With a good defensive draft I think lessons were learned this year and the team is better because of it

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