Carson Wentz Lauds Eagles’ Resiliency After Week 15 Win | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Loyal Philly fan

Carson Wentz came in clutch!

    Jason Smith

    Wentz has never won a big game also he’s 0-4 vs Dallas .

    Jason Smith

    @Ronin Gaming yes that’s why he sucked all year with healthy receivers


    @Jason Smith No he’s not. He played for the Eagles in 2017 when they beat Dallas like 34-9. He’s 1-4 which also sucks. Lol

    Fluffy Bunny

    @undericesinger Actually 2-4 because he played the end of the 2016 season too.

Eagles champs 1

Let’s go clutch Carson wentz’s

    Sonny Terranova

    roberto5red5rocky with what we have it’s damn good enough rn if we make the playoffs and it’s not our fault our division is trash lmao ig we’re responsible for the cowboys, redskins, and giants also being terrible🤷‍♂️💯

    Eagles champs 1

    @roberto5red5rocky and Lamar Jackson has beating jets and they hype him up so shh hold L


    Eagles champs 1 I love triggering eagles fans 😂😂😂 y’all so sensitive

    Eagles champs 1

    @roberto5red5rocky u one triggerd lol so hold L


    Eagles champs 1 your handing out L’s on the internet to strangers. 😂😂😂 triggered . Let’s see how many more responses I can get out of you 🤦‍♂️

Yoboy crackers


Cyrus Jay

Ole “Walk It To Em” Wentz


    Jason Smith he destroyed dallas 37-9 dumbass

    Goat Stature

    “now you see why i call him walk it to eem”.. “thats like a 20yrd handoff”

    Ben Ingram

    @Jason Smith not true but ok

    Steff Cuddi

    Nick R 2-4 if you count 2 garbage time wins in the 16’ season for philly and the 17’ season for dallas

    Fluffy Bunny

    @Jason Smith First off he’s not 0-4 against Dallas. Second, what’s a big game? The playoffs? He was injured. Not like he got a chance. At least he can beat teams with winning records, something the Cowboys couldn’t seem to pull off until yesterday. Good job btw.


“Carson Clutch”….

    Jason Smith

    Clutch at missing playoffs every year

    Jayden Reiser

    Jason Smith in the playoffs last 2 years but aight


    @Jason Smith were u in a coma in 2017?…DUMBASS GEN Z

Rolo Tami

Carson “Let it Rip” Wentz.

Philly Fan 11


    Jason Smith

    Wentz has never won a big game also he’s 0-4 vs Dallas

    Philly Fan 11

    Jason Smith he’s won big games this year and has beaten dallASS twice get your facts right

    Wan Northeast

    Jason Smith remember 37-9 in jerry world?

John Lancaster

Carson you must stop fumbling the football!

    Ronin Gaming

    That’s his only issue besides throwing it a little high at times

    Bradley Slusser

    You forgot poor decision making, holding onto the ball too long..

    miro d

    John Lancaster he holds on to it to long

Evan Kerr

He looks so happy again

Jaid Czwartacki

Where’s all the wentz haters now? I commented he’s my quarterback in the Seahawks video and all of y’all were saying he was trash and not clutch WELL LOOK AT WENTZ Now he just won us 2 straight games almost all by himself. Idc what anybody says that’s my quarterback #11 for life 🦅

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    @Joseph Dowling sorry kid not many can make that throw moron

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    @Joseph Dowling he threw it so hard miles had to catch it it stuck to his chest and of all QBs can make that why haven’t they I’ll wait

    Joseph Dowling

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez I’m agreeing with you……. I was exaggerating.

    Romans 10:9-10

    Bradley Slusser Wentz has 25 tds – 7 ints with backups. He hasn’t had the luxury of padding his stats this year.

    Wentz is a top 3 talent in the NFL, and he’s proven when he has a good team around him that he plays at an mvp level.

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    @Joseph Dowling wasn’t to u but used ur title to reply my bad

Michelle Ezeugo

I’m proud of you Carson. Fly Eagles Fly. 💚🦅💚🦅

Steff Cuddi


    Bradley Slusser

    No. Not ELITE.. he’s a good pro QB. But he’s not doing anything any other starting level NFL QB should do..


    Bradley Slusser there’s no QB in the nfl who’s done this with minimal to no talent on the offense, look at Prescott. He can’t even get it done with all pro o line, a top 5 receiver paired with another all star receiver. And ZEKE 😂😂😂😂

Forrest Smith

Man we need to be on our A game with these Cowboys🦅🦅🦅🦅

alien priest

Ball security carson.


    he knows

Justin Long

Shannon: You see that boy ole Walk It To Em he had a virtuoso Skip the offense without his top 3 Receivers, no Jordan Howard, No Lane Johnson yet he got it done Skip you saw what he did on the road give this young man his credit Lol!!

    Fluffy Bunny

    I heard Shannon’s voice reading this 😂

    Justin Long

    @Fluffy Bunny Lmao Shannon makes me laugh I’m sure he is gonna be bragging about Wentz all section Lol!!

Justin Rinehimer

It looks like these past 4 years have taken a toll on him
Edit: his beard is on point though

    Jason Smith

    He hates to win he always smiles after losses


    @Jason Smith stop

    Kayden Camp

    @Mr.Ridley honestly he has a point


    That’s what marriage does to you.

Joe Mamma

is carson going for the” conor fookin mcgregor” look or what?

Mark Edwards Pezenosky

Cowboys are on there game too..we got to be on “A” game

Mark Edwards Pezenosky

We can not spot 14 or 21 point s to cow boys..we got to clean up this sloppy play..but good win

    Donnie Thewiseone



When dropalor is gone and the snitch diva Jeffery is gone watch what chemistry and fresh legs and hungry guys can do for your team and qb😀

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