Doug Pederson “I’m Just So Proud of the Guys” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Can an egg Get 1,000 subs

Eagles comeback that is what it is called we got this

    jerry cruz

    Can an egg Get 1,000 subs did you see the score in Dallas okay boomer

    Can an egg Get 1,000 subs

    Yea but you just got to beliiiiieeeeeve

Loyal Philly fan

I’m happy Carson is finally starting to be clutch!

    Jason Smith

    Clutch at never winning a big game

    helicopter weewee

    @Jason Smith He’ll get his chance next two weeks. If he wins both, then we can call him clutch. If he doesn’t, then Foles remains better than Wentz.

    Loyal Philly fan

    helicopter weewee. It doesn’t work that way fool

Dkilzer 2



Sanders and Ward Jr had a great game.

    Jayson Adams

    Don’t 4get Boston Scott 2…

    darryl nunn

    These are the guys they have to keep around for wentz success

Ashton Swartz

Let’s go Carson actually played good

    Jason Smith

    Another horrible fumble in big spot he has no heart

    Vote For Pedro124

    he’s been playing good all year moron lmao top 3 receivers are out 25 tds 7 ints get real

    jason pennington

    Both hands on the ball….!!!!! Fumbles every damn game. Played good though! Gotta admit……

    brendan gilmartin

    @jason pennington he’s played well all year. Besides essentially 3 games. But okay.

    Ashton Swartz

    @Vote For Pedro124 true facts but he been a little inaccurate sometimes

jack's smirking revenge

More non-speak from Doug Pederson…🤦‍♂️


    jack’s smirking revenge yep

Jessica Villafane

Let’s kick those Cowgirls butt and win this division!!

Chuck Pestacchi

GO BIRDS, good team effort, Sander’s played a strong game. Wentz stayed cool & did what he does best, throw with precision, wow.

Donald Brown

💘 my Eagles 🦅. Dallas Next.

Trey Lorinza

Our secondary sucks

T Collier

Congrats, Greg Ward couldn’t have picked a better time to catch TD number 1!


This just shows all the old WR’s need to be gone because these young guys are hungry something that other receivers weren’t and obviously they had an ego and feel entitled. So now next season we have some moves to make but these youngsters dudes ate a must stay because they got talent fr.

Ronin Gaming

Call me delusional if you want but the future is bright with these rookies and Wentz they want to play for him unlike Agholor and Jeffrey we need to get rid of most of the old players on this team and let younger players that are hungry come in here Boston Scott,Greg Ward.Jr, and Miles Sanders were impressive today let these guys develop along with JJ and we have a dynamic offense in the upcoming future

    jason pennington

    Im with you. “Broken tools need to be replaced if they cant be repaired”. We cant pay huge money for broken tools. This is a business. We need to operate like a business…….and…..,a well-oiled machine

    Sebastian Tapia

    Robert Davis as well


    We need to hit on at least 2 WR in the draft. Keep DJax, move on from Alshon and eat the dead $. Young guys can learn from DJax next year. But we’ll have a backup plan thus time for DJax not like this year using f’n Mack Hollins


Whoever asked the question about the cowboys game is a moron. Literally every game has been must win.


Pass from Ward. Will be great.. Philly Dilly Dilly.. Eagles Strong..


Future is starting to look bright🔥💯🤩


Aggy, Barnett, Lane and Howard need to be heathy this Sunday!

R Morris

What he should have said is “I’m just so proud of the guys that they managed to overcome our coaching”. 81 points given up in the last three games to abysmal teams and pass happy play calling that keeps that joke of a defense on the field. Seriously my homers, we’re being coached by Andy 2.0.


Don’t let these wins distract us from the fact that we still need to fire Mike Groh and Jim Schwartz

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