Miles Sanders Discusses His Record-Breaking Performance in Week 15 | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Yoboy crackers


    Elkan Pleat

    Nice profile picture.

Chee Nou Lo

That’s all we need good job.

Jay Wade

That’s what I’m talking about Miles!!! The talent is there! I’m happy to see you use it, can’t wait for the great things coming your way!!!

Trey Lorinza

This young man gonna be a star love this kid!

Cash Face

Humble. Great draft pick. Ceiling is high for him. 🦅🦅

Philly Fan 11


Ed Holleran Jr

WE ARE! FlyEaglesFly!


We better play our best game of the year next week on both sides of the ball we are way to soft man my goodness Doug and Jim !!!

Trey Anastasio

love this kid, hope he stays healthy


    And we drafted him. Finally may have hit on a recent draft pick!

    Jayson Adams

    Come on. Our draft picks haven’t been that bad. Everyone 4gets we traded alot for #2 Carson Wentz back in 2016.

Miles Davis

He stamped he looks faster every game hittin the holes quicker

    kitdacraze deadbydaylight

    Glad he didn’t dance so glad he hit the hole quick

GSP Friends

“Lot of our old guys banged up” ….. That’s an understatement. Coming into the season we were the second oldest team… we are practically the youngest with who is starting now lololol…and honestly I prefer it this way!!! These young guys are stepping up to the plate where our old/overpaid guys aren’t.


1:05 Whoa, Sanders didn’t even know that he broke records today. Look at the surprise on his face when the reporter mentions it lolol. He’s gotten so much better since week 1. It’s been amazing to watch his progress.

    kitdacraze deadbydaylight

    He stay humble


MILESTONE of a player!! Ya did gooooooooooooooooooood Howie!! Take it to the house Miles!!

Fred Scott

Miles Sanders record breaking Performance. i’m happy for him, Miles coming in to his own.Were glad he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kazi420 SB52

Here’s to you man. You’re a beast keep it up young blood


Absolutely love that Miles Sanders is an Eagle! Nothing but athleticism, speed and finesse running that ball. And he’s a rookie still, he could only get better from here. Absolutely thrilled for what the future has for him .

Will Cohill

Love how we played boys go birds 🦅💯🖤


He’s gonna be our future running back I can’t wait to see the future for him🔥🔥

victor jenerett

Loved how he gave praise to the offensive lineman, they will definitely break walls for him going forward

Will G. Perez

Fly Eagles Fly 💯
Miles Sanders gonna definitely help Wentz out so there’s not too much pressure on him 💯
Proud of you Miles Sanders and Greg Ward for ballin out yesterday 🦅

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