Bryan Bulaga Appreciates The Fight In His Teammates – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ezra Knaack


hedge hog

You guys are the best, don’t beat yourself up about this loss. Be happy we got so far this season

Matthew Mc

Niners for the win.
If the Green Bay. PackerS! Got beat

The niners better win the show

Umang Patel

Well I guess he didn’t “hold” on long enough …

Gavin Meloy


ice alik

I hope this isnt the last time we see Bull!! I need more “Bryan Bulaga, Iowa.” in my life😂 love this team through thick and thin!!


“False start number 75” lol


    TitsOnaBoar don’t know what worst that or when the idiot hiked the ball into his testicles instead of aaron rodgers


    ctnative203 that was pretty bad. Beluga has been jumping the gun a lot this season.


    TitsOnaBoar i agree !

Blk Pig

Great season BB, hope to see you back more healthy and stronger than before…

Eric S

Hope your back

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