Tramon Williams Recaps The Tough Loss To The 49ers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ew Its Michael


Luke Schell

Was gonna say I’m not crying you are, but I’m crying

Alexander Trunnell

See you later and go sign elsewherse.



    Jesse Rdo

    Alexander Trunnell he’s a vet


    He’s gonna retire

    Jesse Rdo

    Alexander Trunnell he’ll retire a packer

Umang Patel

Jimmy didn’t have to play quarterback… that’s what went wrong

    Marine Vet

    Umang Patel it went wrong when they got off the plane 😂😂😂. Seriously though, congrats on a great season. As a Niner fan I love those Pack and Niner battles.

    aaron berhane

    Marine Vet thanks man as a packers fan you guys deserved it we played like trash

    Random stuff

    Marine Vet Srsly dude. Go hard our offense and run defense were absolutely horrible and Rodgers looked so uninterested in winning. Than in the second half our offense was ok, but our d the whole game didn’t come to play

    Marine Vet

    Random stuff to your point, Rodgers did look dejected at one point.

    Random stuff

    Marine Vet he Always looks like that as a packer fan Rodgers needs to be a better leader. I wouldn’t be inspired to tackle a fast strong be without some motivation

Irish Eyes

Did you hold the ball did you put it all on the field if so you did great if not go home and cry your on one of the best teams in the league be proud of what you did this year instead of looking for a new team who doesn’t have the fans like the packers we love you either way and don’t change our team

Toby And Max Educational videos

Dude you just proved to the haters you guys are whack🥱😒

Douglas Street


aaron berhane


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