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Ezra Knaack

Need to get this dude a counterpart

    go pack go #grossipossipackernation

    Randall Cobb return or amri cooper

    Johnny Ho

    I mean they have Lazard and St. Brown but idk it seems like nobody wants to step up and play like Adams or they can’t.


    CeeDee Lamb!

    Cash Mir

    We need someone like Nelson or Welker. Someone who is quick on creating separation and isn’t a one dimensional runner when he is prone to getting locked down. Jimmy Graham needs to stepping up BIG time. He got some nice openings last night but it was just too late in the game. If we atleast had a TE like Kittle or Gronk who can muscle their way to gain yards, that would have given us opportunities to score faster.


Very frustrating to see Rodgers lose another NFC TITLE GAME


    The pack really did win two NFC championships and lots of playoff games and 4 Super Bowls this was so close but we can’t work in cali in the second half we did but not enough time could not adjust in time just bad aginst the niners all season

    Cash Mir

    @Ye Our defense is usually one to blame. They just NEVER came in clutch to give Rodgers more chances to throw the ball and put points in crucial moments. For the past 6+ years, our defense has always given up so many points in the playoffs when we needed stops so Rodgers can tie it up or take a lead. Last night’s game just totally exposed our defense on rushes. We were simply outplayed thinking that Jimmy G was going to make long passes, instead the 9ers literally just ran all over us. We just had very poor adjustment for the defense. But props to the 9ers tho, they deserved this win. They were clearly the better team here on both ends.


    Cash Mir but are d stopped them for 3 the entire 2nd half

    Cash Mir

    @Ye Ehh they were deliberately wasting time lol. They pretty much made laid back plays with rushes and short passes. First half our D got smothered by their RBs and rushing plays.

Matthew Mc

Luv ya. Way to go.
Nothing to it but to do it..
Thanks guys!

Ruby Shame

idc that we lost, we kinda lost in fashion, came up 20 in the second half, an we won what 7 games in a row after we lost to them last time so im pretty proud about how we played an how we did this season even if we didnt make it to the sb


    Most of our points were in garbage time tho… 😞

    Ruby Shame

    @Glaze4K its fine, we’ll do better next year

    aaron berhane

    Ruby Shame yea I kind of expected it tbh if we won it would of suprised me

    Ruby Shame

    @aaron berhane i had high hopes for this game, but i wasent expecting to win

D Yang

We need better Oline to protect Aaron Rodgers and open holes for Aaron Jones to run

    Rahil Patel

    D Yang and a wide receiver


    Imagine if TJ Lang and Josh Sitton was still on the team. Those two with Bulaga had to be our most elite oline we’ve ever had.

    Johnny Ho

    @3lement2010 Veldheer did better than Bulaga when he was out from the Seahawks game.

    aaron berhane

    3lement2010 Veldheer should just start over overrated Bulaga

Biff Danielson

Time to get more talent in receiver corps and a defensive coordinator.

MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

This was payback for the 1997 NFC championship

Jon Miller

Need more WRs. #2 was Lazard, a practice squad promotion. MVS and St. Brown didn’t rise like we expected. Time to invest a high draft pick in some recieving talent

Malonprowl66 Hec

As a Packer fan form Australia , all one can say is, well played the 49ers

Devonte Moericke

If Rogers wants to win a Superbowl he needs to take a severe discount like Tom Brady.
You all keep talking about we need more Talent how are we supposed to get more Talent when all of that money is going to Aaron Rodgers

    aaron berhane

    Devonte Moericke that was selfish when he took that big contract he’s getting paid more than Kirk Cousins $84 million

    Vince McMurtry

    Devonte Moericke True point

The Mountain Sage

Thats the Packer spirit, fan, player, coach, we dont quit. Play and watch to the last second. Win together lose together

CheeseHead For Life

Matt LaFleur Did a great job this year for his first time as a HC They do need to address the defense a little more and definitely need more offensive power outside of Jones and Addams

    Cash Mir

    Yeah exactly. The Packers failed to adjust on defense quickly. They gave up so many yards on rushes, its just unacceptable. We started making some improvements later on in the second half, but it was too late. It’s usually almost always our Ds fault in every playoff game where they can’t restrict their opponents and give Rodgers a chance to come back into the game.

    CheeseHead For Life

    @Cash Mir yeah it is unfortunate let this be a learning lesson for them next year to not give up so much of the run game

destined destined

This is chess, man. Simple as that!! The 49ers beating the Packers are like a Grandmaster beating an intermediate chess player…. It was to be expected!!! The 49ers simply had too much artillery… The Packers had virtually 3 people to depend on… Jones, Lazard, and Adams… Rodgers was just there to throw the ball. So they lost because they SHOULD HAVE lost…. Duh!!!


Watch ANY video that came out on this channel today, and sort comments by Newest First… You’ll get an idea of how obnoxious 49ers fans are.

aaron berhane

It’s sad because Davante now has been to 4 NFC championship games and we could never bring him a super bowl


There’s our whole offense!

Steven Guzman

Go make more commercials Rodgers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Venim #1

GO PACK GO 🧀 next year

Random stuff

Rodgers looked uninterested the first half, and honestly Y’all did quit. Rodgers has to be a leader in key moments,no wonder the d looked especially unmotivated to tackle anything


Y’all should have lost to the Seahawks 😂

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