Bruce Arians on QB Kyle Trask’s Mini-Camp Progress | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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    Lowkey752 Reply

    Go bucs.


    @Lowkey752 yes go bucs


    First what?

Jayden’s Plush Planet Reply




Meltx Plays Reply

Let’s Go Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ 🔥

Anthony Johnson Reply

Guess I’m 3rd Go BUCS



Tom Reply

Vaccine vaccine vaccine. Come on now. SMH

noob killer Reply

dont let jenna laine ask a million questions, who she think she is

    Rock 813 Reply

    lol..most of them about Brady

    German-English Reply

    She stinks

    Bill Schmidt Reply


Mr. Smith Reply

Kyle Trask Industries!

Jimmy Reply

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    Timmy Jackson Reply

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    Gray Willy Reply

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    Gray Willy Reply

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    Bitna Peters Reply

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Texas Taurus Reply

get manziel as 3rd string

Adam Leovick Reply

“ I’m the specialists” needs to be a T-shirt haha

Hallowedkiller Reply

Win a real ring.

    Bryce Peters Reply

    Lol wut?

    J.J. Perez Reply


Google Account Reply

Lol, don’t see a reason 😂

Y’all will be dead in a year if you take it. If you’re so confident in it, just put me on your will


Not a fan of the “pressure” to be vaccinated at all! There are plenty of reasons to not be vaccinated!

J.J. Perez Reply

Jenna always wants to ask leading or unrelated questions. Let’s talk football….

Bryan Gonzalez Reply

Jenna trying to gas things up. Medical choices are personal

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