Mike Evans on Bucs Offense: ‘Our Talent Is The Best In The League’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Robert Jackson Reply

The best wide receiver in the league!

    Deep Blue Reply


    Maliq Flowers Reply

    Him and Odell Beckham

    German-English Reply

    @Maliq Flowers 🤣

    Ejxcted Reply

    Mike has more catches than Randy Moss, I’m serious

    Vi N Reply

    Agreed. He doesn’t have Tyreek Hill’s speed or anywhere near it but more than makes up for it with his smartness and route running which is the best in the league.

Angelo Bakil Reply

Another 1k yard season please Mike

    Chris Maile Reply

    Second ring is more important.
    But 1000 is good

    Mike Ruzza Reply

    I’m thinking 1,200 to 1,300 at least.

Deep Blue Reply


    Lincoln Velasquez Reply

    Uh no … 13 lol jk

    Deep Blue Reply

    @Lincoln Velasquez omfg hahhaha

Mariusz Stark Reply


    Kony Lane Reply

    You bugging,calm down dude your the reason ppl hate on Brady when he doesnt do aperfect season,9-7 is great also

    Go Bucs Reply

    I jus hope we get at least 13 wins to beat our team record

    Derek Mulling Reply

    @Kony Lane you calm down. They could very well go undefeated the only thing that could stop them is themselves.

    German-English Reply

    @Kony Lane It’s impossible to go 9-7

    Charlie Favali Reply

    Maybe that or 15-2

Mattmattmattmatt Reply

Put respect on my man. Top 3 wr in the league

    Sharafmzaman Reply

    Top 5*

    Vi N Reply

    @Sharafmzaman Top 1. Doesn’t have the speed of many of the elite receivers but more than makes up for it with smartness and the best route running in the league.

a_collection_of_cells Reply


Raymon Torres Reply

Mike is a Class act. God bless you brother. Can’t wait for this season. 💯👍

Anthony Kobiec Reply


Anindya Reply

Come on injury again and again and again. When Tom says he doesn’t wanna talk about it, leave it alone.

Michael Scott Reply

Would like to make a statement
I’ve been a Buccaneer fan since 1978
Though the Good, the Bad & the Orange & White
And God bless LeRoy Selman

    Boca Ciega Reply

    That’s what she said. Sorry

Mellow NES Superstar Reply

Beast. Go Bucs!



Mike Ruzza Reply

Love a fellow Mike and his BEAUTIFUL family!! Great player, great person, and surely a great father too. Thank GOD we drafted Evans and NOT Johnny fake Football!!

David Smith Reply

Mike looks fitter . Great team player , particularly for a WR

Adam Brunt Reply

With great talent comes great expectations

Duane Omes Reply

This guy has been honest and humble from Day 1 as a pro. Still the biggest threat on the offense. Is it crazy to think he and Godwin are going to put up bigger numbers this season? I know there is just one ball, but they were both fighting through injury at a point during the season.

Nathan Elliott Reply

Be humble… Be ready.. Wreak Havoc! Do not be a victim of the classic, “Pride before the fall.”

Melancholy Puppy Reply

Mike and Brady chemistry took a bit to take off but I’m excited to see how theyll adjust

    a_collection_of_cells Reply

    I agree with this statement but I also have to point out that Brady went to a new team a new organization during a pandemic with no OTAs, minicamp or a preseason and Mike Evans with a few others Chris Godwin Scotty Miller was dealing with some injuries during the season. With an actual and regular off-season, Brady’s chemistry with Mike Evans, AB, CG, SM is going to be something spectacular to watch

Terry Paulson Reply

Extremely refreshing. Class act. So nice to hear from a receiver who puts the team first. And it just doesn’t stop there. From what I have seen the philosophy of this team
for 2021 is a fresh start at another run at the SB. I see San Fran and Rams their biggest obstacle so we’ll see how this all plays out because injuries will be a big decider
with all this talent here.



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