Kyle Trask on Relationship with Tom Brady, Goals For Rookie Season | Meet the Rookies – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Xx2k30 Reply


Jackalopes Can Fly Reply

Go Bucs

Mandalore the Pirate Reply

Soak it all in

Buck Rodgers Reply

Just listen and learn.

JJ Faris Reply

Much success wished for you.

Robin Williams Reply

This dude keep saying one of the greatest. Tom Brady – 7 Superbowl rings, he is playing with the greatest quarterback that has played the game. Wow. I hope he takes full advantage of thr opportunity.

    Tony G Reply

    I believe his favorite QB was Peyton so it must be hard for him to admit that Tom is the best.

    Chris Maile Reply

    He is being a pro. It’s like politics. Talking without saying

stéphane A Reply

Trask should be kicked out of the team just for saying about Brady : «one of the greatest».

BE4ST Reply

I think he’s saying “one of the greats” because he has mentioned before that he was a big Peyton Manning fan, and I’d bet his inner fan is preventing himself from acknowledging the truth that Tom is THE greatest.

    King Gemini Reply

    Yup n it’s hella annoying🙄

Marcos Portes Reply

So how much longer do you think their gonna keep asking him about Tom Brady

Adi Lieber Reply

future QB1

Tony G Reply

Number 1 goal should be improving his arm strength. It’s crazy how little velocity is on his throws.

Shawn Sanders Reply

One of the great? Lol, the GREATEST OF ALL TIME and it isn’t even close. Does he not get that Brady is 44 years old? How was his favorite player Peyton Manning doing at a much younger(especially in football years) age 40?

Hallowedkiller Reply

The “GOAT”
01-Tuck Rule, Troy Brown
03-John Kasay
14-Malcom Butler
16-Robert Alford INT turned Edelman Catch
18-Dee Ford, put up 13 in SB
20-Kevin King, Front 7 carried

    Jacko Bluntly Reply

    Stop drinking that hateraid buddy! Thomas Edward Patrick Brady jr is the 🐐…Go Bucs 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

Hector Reply

Welcome buddy we’re glad to have you on our team

James Reynolds Reply

From this video I learned that his “relationship with Tom is a text message.

James Reynolds Reply

From this video I learned that his “relationship with Tom is a text message.

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