Browns interviewing Mike McCarthy, Robert Saleh this week – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Looks a lot like Freddie kitchens

    Cereal Killer

    perryco34 but isn’t Freddie

    Edward Gaines

    Minus the Southern accent.


    He’s Freddie’s daddy

Ethan Wallace

Cmon browns we need him

Tevin Prejean

McCarthy to the browns !!!!

Liam De Laet

Why did you kick out john dorsey? No need man


    Liam De Laet
    He kicked himself out by pushing for Freddie Kitchens and ignoring DePodesta.

    Matt White

    He was unwilling to change coaches. He wanted a puppet because of his history with KC. If we land McDaniels this could be a good thing tbh.

    Edward Gaines

    @Matt White He was unwilling to take what’s basically a demotion, as a talent scout. He could still have a job, but his pride couldn’t take it.

    Chad Tucker

    We didn’t need him. Elliot Wolf is still there and is also a Green Bay guy. Him and Mike have history together. Wolf a GM with Mike as HC and let Mike build his staff. Would be a solid move. The biggest thing is to keep Jimmy and Dee out of the mix for a few years so the changes can run its course.

Fightobserver 1903

I’d like Roman. McCarthy has a decent record tho.


    Roman has no head coaching experience. This is why y’all always fail with hiring coaches.


They better hire a proven guy like McCarthy.

Dhruv Mistry

Saleh is probably just Rooney rule

    Edward Gaines

    Is it because his bald? 😁

MaybeNextYear MB

If they hire McCarthy at least he can wear Freddie’s old hoodies.

    Mason Adams

    MaybeNextYear MB lol

    Edward Gaines

    Nah. Big bright orange doesn’t suit McCarthy. More of a dull brown, like church clothes! We need that solemnity proud back to coaches.

Shirley Allen

They need a proven head coach. No position coach. McCarthy would be a good hire

Chase Crawley

Browns need stability more than anything. Same head coach and gm for more than 2 years would be a good start. Give things time to develop.


I think they will actually get this right and bring in Wolf as the GM. Gotta think positive. We need to fire Wilks also. I’m sure McCarthy wouldn’t want his trash either.

    Edward Gaines

    A new broom sweeps clean. I just hope the star players don’t get swept up too.


Doesn’t matter, anyone they hire will be overrun by Jimmy Haslam’s superior intellect of football, coaching and selling diesel fuel. Coaches aren’t the problem anymore, sorry fans. Part of being successful in life is recognizing the problem and not repeating it. Jimmy hasn’t figured out it’s him yet.


Pay the man

Wayne A. W.

Wow! Browns: 12 different HC changes over 20 years. Steelers: 3 over 50 years. Yo! Wazzup?


They need to go after McCarthy hard. You would think they learned their lesson with position coaches with no HD experience. But this is the Browns, when have the Haslams ever made a good decision? Their best decision they just fired.

Chase McBride

We need McCarthy, Proven coach right there

Mike Hodges

My old coach.

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