Nick Kwiatkoski Mic’d Up vs Vikings “Get this ball out!” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kellan Lang

The bears will be good next year

    Football Addict

    Not with trubusty and that trash O’line

    Mason Wright

    Football Addict shutup
    They went 12 and 4 last year

Kucci Ku

00:10 they better keep this man😤

    Lenny James

    Why you say that?

conlan mcnerney

This kid is an animal. Keep him please. He has made our defense better

Hunter X

Release Danny and sign this dude to be next to Roquan

    Roach Briscott

    @Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming Nick has better stats this season, is way cheaper, younger and healthier

    OG Skywalker

    Idk dude nick in the First Vikings game did better then any game Danny had all last year 12 tackles a sack and int in that game and he never regressed dude is young and improving Danny is only getting older and I love Danny he’s got a lot of swag and can tackle but nick is no nonsense and showing up every week and his coverage skills and speed is improving a lot

    Jamy Mayer

    Pay nick..get rid of travathon

    Jamy Mayer



    Keep both…

ChuckandLydia Goering

He needs to start , so does
Pierre lou, and barrs

    PHILosophy 1990

    Don’t know if Bars is ready yet…

    ChuckandLydia Goering

    @PHILosophy 1990 the film I seen on Robert Schmitt channel or someone else that breaks down film he looked better than Leno and massie, but your right he might not be ready I believe it was preseason 2019film

Big Air Boys

Start him over trevathan

    Roach Briscott

    Kwick Nick is younger, more explosive, cheaper, and healthier than Trevathan.

    J Dolo

    @Roach Briscott he slow than trevathan. Doesnt have better instincts. Cant cover better either. Smh. He probaly slowest ilb in nfl. And he young so he only getting slower. He played good vs bum teams bc trev hurt. Did you not see what that 4th string rb just did??? Career game. Thats not happening with trev or smith . He played vs defroit twice bkup qbs and rbs. Go check. He a liability when we play vs good qbs in pass coverage. He can tackle after play already made. He can blitz decent. Yall caught in moment

    Andre Akerele

    @Roach Briscott He’s all those things, yet he’s not starting🙄


    No…he’s a good backup. Stop getting ahead of yourself, we need depth

    J Dolo

    @Roach Briscott you see how everyone seems to be saying same thing. Smith and trev arguably best ilb tandem. Had #1 def last bc they’re ability to cover and stop run. I definitely give edge to JPL bc his speed. He gets more time and he will start. He all over the place. Making plays before they happen. It wont matter against who. Gone be ba beast.


Re-sign Nick Kwiatkoski!!!

Ronan Clarke

Absolute beast! Keep this man around for a long time!

Mr. Bbqheavygunner

Sign him instead of trevathan

Daniel Sanchez

Keep him and Pierre Louis, those two are looking legit and will be great to have around.

Andre Akerele

He’s a really good football player

Jason H

Danny and Nick are good

Aurelio Medina

Watching Kwik blow up the Vikings week 4 at Soldier Field earlier was great


GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Brad Asbury

I’m always surprised how quiet they are on the field… I assume they are talking the whole time


What is not to like about Kwiatkowski? Representing all us good Chicago pollocks! Talk about ‘next man up’ filling the role!

Oliver Lacey

Someone is probably going to offer him more money and draw him away from us. Probably go to a winning situation

Sports Bro67

Bro this man had a stellar year

YT faze Beck

I didn’t get to wacth it cause I live in Colorado but at least they still won.


Nick seems to have a calming energy about him that’s infectious for the players around him. happy for him on the season he had and i hope Pace does the right thing and re-signs him.

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