Baker Mayfield pregame prep | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Baker Mayfield pregame prep | Cleveland Browns

Follow Baker Mayfield during his pregame warmup routine.

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Márk Werner

I’m sick of these videos, even as a browns fan.

    Suffer In Silence

    Ikr….I’m sick of all of it. Lol


Hope its McCarthy or daniels both have tons of experience mccarthy coach 2 hall of fame qbs and Daniel’s scheme is really nice imo. Opinions?

    Tevin Prejean

    TJ110 it gotta be !!!

Arav Bhatt


Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

Baker a bum

    Stan ezen

    Baker gave you 7 wins after a 0-16 season lmao be grateful

    Jake Equality

    Baker will be a backup real soon

    Stan ezen

    But still coming off a 1-15 then 0-16 season Baker did SOMETHING hahha

    The Jamz

    @Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD Why are you commenting on this video if you aren’t a Browns fan? Do you just go to random teams YT channels and comment how bad they are? Is this what people do for fun now? How about read a book instead of wasting your time trying to make yourself feel better by criticizing others.

Richard Hunt

One more year is all you get Mayfield .

    Barbara Bowman-Fuller

    Richard Hunt What you don’t know about being a fan is a LOT! People such as yourself do not deserve a winning team, you wouldn’t know how to respond. Yes you would BOO BAKERS A BUM YADAYADAYADA! Baker does not respond well to YOUR BULLSHIT NEGATIVITY! He damn sure never got booed at Oklahoma! But we SOONERS Know how to truly be FANS. Baker is still the same QB You Bums all ADORED last year! NO LINE! Get him a GD line! I PRAY Baker leaves ASAP! YOU PEOPLE DON’T DESERVE HIM!!!!!


    @Barbara Bowman-Fuller you have no idea what being a browns fan is like. Baker played like hot garbage all year, the criticism is justified. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to blindly have faith in players who aren’t getting the job done. Keep praying your boy gets outta here, let’s see how that works out for you.

Nick L.

What ya think Baker is listening to in those headphones, if anything??? Maybe he was just tuning out Juice and Odell.. I want the ball!! No!! I want the ball!!!


Should of drafted Lamar

    Stan ezen

    *Should have


    @Stan ezen should’ve *


I think these sort of videos should only come out after a victory, quite frankly.

    Copenhagen Bear

    mor7im3r support win or lose

KYLE Bauer

Hire josh McDaniels he wants to coach baker

Liberals Ruined America

Get Baker an actual play caller and watch him shock the league. I can’t wait to see all the doubters eating crow. This kid was one of a kind at OU. He took an OU team with no defense and almost beat Georgia in the playoffs. Only losing after double OT. Every team the kid is on makes him a leader and will go to war with Baker. I think he needed this down season to help deflate his ego a little, and help motivate him towards greatness. I’m not a browns fan, but once you’re a fan of Baker, you’re always a fan of Baker. Especially after witnessing what he has accomplished thus far in his career.

    Jake Equality

    I feel bad for y’all….just can’t get right and Baker is a bust

    Liberals Ruined America

    @Jake Equality Calling Baker a bust shows me how little you know about football. So a bust threw the most TDs in rookie history, in 3 fewer games? You’re not thinking, you’re allowing yourself to get emotional over how Baker handles himself with the media.

    Jake Equality

    @Liberals Ruined America hey dummy RG3 had a great rookie season also

    Jake Equality

    @Liberals Ruined America he threw 21 picks and 59%completions with two of the best receivers in the whole league and the 2nd leading rusher in the league….Baker is a one shot wonder


The Baker Experience: Three Interception Remix

Jake Equality

The Baker experience is 6 and 10………🤣🤣🤣dude is a bust

Roy is Confused

So fun experiencing all theses L’s thanks Baker & Bose!!!!!

Suffer In Silence

Forgot to show him shaving 3 times.


… he had a mediocre game at best why are you showing us this

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