Breaking Down the MVP Race

Cynthia explains why Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and Michael Thomas are the top candidates for NFL MVP based on her analytics model and NextGen Stats.

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Mikey Faiella

MVP: Lamar Jackson and should be plus his defense also not enough credit given

Ben and no friends Tty

lamar for mvp


Every year let’s gooooo

SSJ Carl

Dude why is Christian Mccafrey not even being talked about?

    Shanna Smith

    Hopefully Seattle will trade someone for him lol

    SSJ Carl

    @Sterling Williams Man and here i thought it was the “most valuable player” guess i was wrong.

    Sterling Williams

    @SSJ Carl Hell when they were winning he was a front runner. He has a good shot at winning Offensive Player of the Year though

    Koda Wilson

    As a panther fan, it’s because we sucked and Lamar has been ridiculous. I love CMC but there’s no comparison

    Luke Connors

    The panthers sucked after they lost to the broncos in the super bowl 🤣

Computer Guy

Okay, Cynthia….we will consider them. NOW, give the freaking award to LAMAR! NOW.


Ur mom for MVP

dope pranks

CMC set records to this season

Twitch MoreOmnivore127

So nobody finna talk about Andy dalton Ight ima head out

    Patrick Chaney

    Twitch MoreOmnivore127 he’s about to get replaced by Joe Burrow anyway…

    abdikhaliq aden


Larry Legend is a GOAT

Lamar Jackson is about at obvious of an MVP choice as Mahomes was last year


Haha.. they had to try to make it seem competitive but no one wanted to say they didn’t choose LJ8.. so they used Alexa as a scapegoat! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Frosted Ice Pharoah

There is no MVP race, and there hasn’t been since Lamar Jackson ran all over Seattle.

    Luke Connors

    The Seahawks has a lot of injuries and they still win because Russell Wilson

Shawn Christianson

Ryan Fitzpatrick deserves some votes. He really helped my Chiefs this year

Human 8845

Mvp won’t matter the real question is if they can get that lombardi trophy

Jim Chiro

me i say Russell Wilson..Jackson do what Russell do before.running.

niner gang

Yeah sure give Lamar most credit because he is so athletic rushing and passing but give some credit for there amazing o line

Tom McElroy-Wild Survival

Thanks for waking my Alexa a dozen times…

Youngest MVP

Aint nothing to break down the MVP was decided long time ago

Deb T

Clearly it’s Lamar. I hope they snub him, I’ll never watch the nfl again.


Moron Mike Tomlin for ‘Coach of the Year’.


Kirk Cousins > Every player ever

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